Thursday, May 14, 2015

Update – Post Baby #2

Life has been crazy to say the least lately. Adjusting to 2 kids is not easy, but we are surviving. The hardest part to the last 3 weeks has been all of the doctor’s appointments. I am going to share some fun pictures from the last few weeks and give an update.

During our first pediatric appointment we learned Addison was not gaining weight, in fact she had lost 13% of her weight. This hit me very hard. Addison has been a nursing baby. She latched great and would eat all of the time. So, I really thought things were going great and to hear that wasn’t true was quite hard to take. Mason had problems because he was tongue tied and so I knew something was wrong with his nursing. Addison was completely different, so I was sure it was going to be good. In the office we did a nursing session to see how much she was getting. It was ZERO. No gain. BOO. They told us my milk, even though it was in was not in in. I was told to drink Mother’s Milk tea and Fenegeek and then come back in two days for another weight check.

We went back on Wednesday to learn Addison had no weight gain again. The positive was that she had not lost anymore. I immediately started crying. Poor Michael and the poor doctor. The doctor reassured me I was doing everything right, but it still hurt. So, we started supplementing with formula more. I would nurse and then give her formula every 2 hours. This routine is exhausting for both me and the baby. We went back again on Friday and learned Addison had gained a lot!! I was excited. They said I could start cutting back on the formula. We had to go in the following Tuesday for our first REAL doctor’s appointment for her and my first postpartum appointment. The week following my c-section you go to have staples removed but that appointment doesn’t count.

I was so ready to hear how much Addison had gained and get a check of approval that my healing was going well. During my appointment my blood pressure was a lot high. I almost started crying again. When I was pregnant with Mason my blood pressure problems continued after delivery and it killed my breastfeeding. I had to take a max dose of BP meds and it dried me up. So, as soon as the doctor said we needed to start BP meds I thought bye bye breastfeeding again! My Mom was with me for this appointment, thank goodness. We then went to Addison’s appointment. I was hoping for good news. We got her weighed in and she was up to 7lbs!! YAY! Her birth weight was 7lbs 6oz so I knew we were going to have to come back one more time to make sure she was back up, but increasing was good. The doctor came in and checked her over really good and felt a pop in her hip. Grrrr. She ordered an ultrasound to check for hip dysplasia. BAM BAM! Just when I thought everything was going great…high BP and possible hip problems.

We are both doing good I am happy to report. My BP is under control with the help of medicine. And it didn’t kill my breast milk! Addison is officially back up to her birth weight as of this week…Just took 3 weeks. And we had her ultrasound and her hips are completely normal!! YAY! Things are on the up tick for us.Apr15_04_21_2015_1170.NEF Apr15_04_21_2015_1186.NEF Mason was so excited. It’s my baby sister. Apr15_04_21_2015_1187.NEF Papaw is happy to have another baby to spoil and love on. Apr15_04_21_2015_1195.NEF Nana is super excited to have a Granddaughter. Apr15_04_21_2015_1197.NEF Nana and Mason holding sister. Apr15_04_21_2015_1198.NEF Grandma Sperry meeting Addison. Apr15_04_21_2015_1204.NEF Gabby meeting her baby sister. She was just as excited as Mason. Apr15_04_23_2015_1212.NEF Give me that baby. He loves her and wants to hold her all of the time but just for about 2 seconds each time. Apr15_04_23_2015_1219.NEF Apr15_04_23_2015_1222.NEF Apr15_04_23_2015_1223.NEF Apr15_04_23_2015_1228.NEF Giving sister kisses. Another of his favorite things to do. Apr15_04_23_2015_1231.NEF Uncle Eric meeting his first and only niece. And my parents dog meeting Addison. Apr15_04_25_2015_1250.NEF

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