Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Even Bigger Hog Fan

As the world of college football now knows, the Razorbacks have terminated our coach.  The coach that made the people of Arkansas believe this is the year for a possible National Championship.  Last week we learn of an indiscretion on his part, from a motorcycle accident to inappropriate relationship to lies.  It was a sad week when we learned a review on our AD’s part would be occurring.  Deep down we all knew it was going to be bad.

I am one of probably several fans in the state who thought, his life outside of the football program is his life and we just care about the Ws.  The biggest dilemma was surrounded around his inappropriate relationship/rider.  Since this young lady was an employee it made the area between our program and his outside relationships very blurry. 

Even though I personally didn’t want them to fire our coach, because he is the one of the best things our program has seen in YEARS.  After listening to our AD, Jeff Long, speak last night I am very PROUD to be a Razorback fan.  I believe his emotion and dedication for our team and players and fans shined bright last night.  He was very emotional, I think, because of his disappointment.  It is like when your kid does something that is shameful not only for themselves but you as well.  Petrino brought unnecessary attention to our team and our program.  It was all negative.  It would have been difficult for them to keep him around. 

Some of you know I am a sales person, but my background is in HR.  One thing I learned from HR is sometimes an unethical situation can cause a spiral of problems for a company and in this case the University.  The biggest HR problem I see right now from the information we have been provided is that his lady passenger was recently hired for a position under him.  The AD even stated it was a shorter hiring process than normal.  They had 159 candidates and 3 interviews.  All of these candidate could have a case against the University for not being considered. It is an HR departments worst nightmare.  I feel bad for the University, it isn’t over yet.

In conclusion, I am very impressed with Jeff Long.  He did the right thing.  I truly believe if you were like me and thought maybe they should keep him around, after listening to Jeff Long explain why they were terminating Petrino you definitely took his side.  Our year’s outcome might not be National Championship material now, but who knows.  We don’t know if we will have a coach this year, we don’t know a lot of things.  But what we do know is there is a lot more respect for our football program as a whole.  Certain items will not be tolerated.  And integrity is definitely most important!


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