Monday, July 23, 2012

Traveling Pregnant

This last week has by far been the most interesting.  I had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday.  It was a simple check up.  I got to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, which was fabulous.  It took the doctor a long time to find the heartbeat, and once she found it the baby didn’t stay still for long.  I guess we have a very active little one.  The few minutes it took her to find it felt like forever.  It was a little stressful until I finally heard it.  The baby’s heart was beating at 156 bpm. 

Wednesday, I was traveling to Myrtle Beach, SC for work.  I was really excited about getting some time away, and having a view of the ocean.  My SIL and nephew came down and stayed at the hotel with me which was wonderful and so much fun.  Three days of work and fun with them.  It was a great mini get away.  I got to make some great connection for work and enjoy the pool a little too.  Gabe, my nephew, was so much fun to play with and watch play.  Here are a few pictures of our down time.

photo (1)Our Room View…photo (2)Yummy French Fries..photoHanging out in the pool.SC_groupI was special and someone walked me to my next event for work.

Friday was my day from hell.  I was suppose to fly out at 2:30 and be home by 5:30.  My first flight was fine.  My connection is where all hell broke out.  I was flying US Airways, which is not my typical air travel choice, but American Airlines does not go into Myrtle Beach and the closest they went was 2 hours away.  I was waiting at my gate in Charlotte, and I could tell the skies were looking a little dark in one direction but clear in the other.  We boarded the plane like normal, and even had a few late boarders (I kind of blame them a little).  The flight attendant even walked through telling people we are about to shut the door so start shutting down electronics.  Next thing, another flight attendant says there is lightning and the ground crew has been sent inside.  About 5 minutes after that I hear the pilot step out and say we are going to have an extremely long delay.  They then made the decision to deplane us.  Now, there were 6 other flight who were boarding around the same time our flight boarded and no other flight deplaned.  I thought this was weird.  The storm came and left in about an hour.  Not bad.  The gate attendant told us to find our tickets or government IDs because we were about to start boarding.  Then about two minutes later the pilot and flight attendants walked off the plane with their bags.  Then we were told our flight has been canceled.  They wouldn’t give us any reason.

I was very nervous, because Michael and I had a baptism at 11AM the next morning.  The gate attendant told us to grab these cards with phone numbers and call to be rebooked.  I called the number got a person and then immediately the lady put me on hold for 30 minutes, before I finally just hung up.  I was sitting with a group of people from my flight and one guy was talking to the lady and then his call got dropped.  The cell service was HORRIBLE.  I heard several people complain their calls were getting dropped.  Finally, one of the guys went to the counter and complained and they told him that there was a customer service desk not far and they could help us.  This was after sitting trying to get a change for an hour.  Why they didn’t tell us this to begin with?  So, we walked down and the customer service lady told me the earliest they could book my was Sunday at 4:30.  ARE YOU JOKING? Two days!!!  Not acceptable.  She then checked other airlines while I proceeded to call American to get a flight held for the next morning.  Finally I asked the lady to check Tulsa or Little Rock.  They were about to book me to Little Rock that night.  I was just going to stay with my cousin in Little Rock and drive in the morning, but after talking to a bunch of people decided to drive that night with strangers.

I would have done anything to get home in time for that baptism.  See Michael and I were asked to be Godparents.  So, there was no way I was going to miss this.  My flight to Little Rock was delayed, and I didn’t make it home until 4AM.  I was exhausted, but home! Did I mention the airline didn’t comp for hotel rooms or car rentals?  No, they didn’t.  I will probably take the 2 hours drive to fly with American over reliving this experience.  On a very positive note, I met some great people and we all exchanged business cards.  Even though, everyone thinks I am crazy for riding with a complete stranger all the way from Little Rock to Fayetteville with a stop to drop off another stranger in Russellville, it was fine and it got me home.  Sorry for my rant about traveling, but this was by far the worst travel day I have ever had.

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