Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mason-Week 10

Today Mason is 11 weeks old.  Looking back over the pictures in the past few weeks, he has grown so much.  It is hard to believe he is almost 3 months old.  3 MONTHS!!!  Lets look back over week 10. 
Mason had a big week 10.  He got baptized in the church Michael and I got married and the church that I grew up in.  It was wonderful to share with my church family the baptism of my baby.  I heard a lot that I am not old enough to have a baby.  Everyone still thinks of me as a baby, but I am almost 29, so now a baby anymore.  Some of the kids I used to babysit for are almost in college or are in college.  They are taller than me.  It makes me feel old to see them so big, but I can only imagine how their parents feel seeing me with a baby myself. 
Mason did such a good job.  I was a little worried he would cry the whole time, but not a peep.  He slept through church completely.  The times he was awake, he was wide eyed and just looked around.  So much new stuff to see.  He loves music.  When he gets really upset, I always play music for him and he calms down very fast.  He must have loved the music at church. 
Michael and Mason in his outfit.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2104.NEFSomeone was ready for a nap before church.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2106.NEFMason_Allen_03_24_2013_2113.NEFSo exciting.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2116.NEFMason_Allen_03_24_2013_2117.NEFMommy getting him good and calm.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2120.NEFNot even bothered by the water.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2124.NEFWondering what just happened.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2127.NEFMason_Allen_03_24_2013_2130.NEFGetting walked around the church.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2134.NEFMason is checking out all the people.Mason_Allen_03_24_2013_2138.NEF
Mason also got to meet one of his cousins.  She is his second cousin.  They are three years apart.  She isn’t a huge baby lover.  Some little girls would just die to play and hold a baby.  She was a little afraid.  We let her hold him and feed him.  She was so adorable.
Mason_Allen_03_23_2013_2087.NEFShe looks a little bored here.Mason_Allen_03_23_2013_2090.NEFMason_Allen_03_23_2013_2098.NEF
Other pictures from week 10…
Mason and his girlfriend Hattie are 5lbs, 5inches, and 8 months apart.IMG_1686Caught in the act of sucking his thumb.IMG_1692Such a morning person. IMG_1696Fitting into 3-6 Month clothing.IMG_1698Trying out the highchair.IMG_1700Mason’s room is finally complete. I will post pictures of the whole room soon.IMG_1702

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