Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 11

We have had a lot happening in the last week.  Mason is doing more and more everyday and things just get more fun. 

This week Mason grew 1.5” overnight.  He is now 25.5” long.  WOW! He is now wearing several 6 month outfits.  He can still wear some 3 month onesies, but they are getting snug.  I haven’t weighed him lately, but I am sure he has put on some lbs. He is still sleeping through the night.  Due to the growth in the last week, some night he wakes up once to eat.  Doesn’t matter what time he went to bed, he is just starving to death every other night at 2AM. Poor baby.  He has been a bit of a crabby boy, but I think he is having some growing pains.

In the last week, he discovered his right hand and his tongue.  He is loving his tongue.  We stick it out and play with it.  He tries to talk with it out and usually chokes on his spit.  It is funny to watch.  He is now trying to mimic me.  I swear he could be talking in the next month.  We will see.  HAHA!  He tries very hard to talk the way I am speaking and if I ask for him to talk to me he answers.  I feel lucky, my morning boy always provides me a big smile when I pick him up.  I feel lucky because I am not a morning person, so it helps me get happy in the morning.

Life is just getting more exciting.

Hanging out in Mama’s office.IMG_1707Gabby had a good week with the warmer weather!IMG_1719Mason’s Easter Outfit!IMG_1726Visiting the Easter Bunny and sleeping through the experience.Northwest Arkan_20130329_000097_PMason is ready to play ball.IMG_1732Sitting up like a big boy in his bumbo chair.IMG_1734Still his favorite past time…eating.IMG_1742Talking to Mama.IMG_1747Beware I lick!IMG_1758Life is so hard.Mason_Allen_03_27_2013_2157.NEF

Mason finding his right hand.

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