Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mason-Week 13

My big boy has had a very fun week.  He got to play with friends this weekend and our little ray of sunshine laughed a bunch.  He just gets happier and happier.  We have had some tummy problems, or at least that’s what we think.  He has had a few meltdowns, where we can’t calm him down.  It makes this Mama very sad and helpless, but after he cries and gets all upset he will still give me a big smile.  It is just true love. 

Someone loves to smile when I talk to him…IMG_1812He is loving putting everything into his mouth!IMG_1813We have started sitting in the highchair at dinner time.  He loves to play with his toys while we eat and talk to him.  Gabby is just waiting for him to share.IMG_1823Holding that head up like a champ!IMG_1826Mommy’s favorite time of the day!IMG_1831Early morning smiles.IMG_1846Mason is wearing his Daddy’s hat today, helping him get ready for a 5k.IMG_1849Mason super happy to be sitting with his friend Hadley.  Hadley’s Daddy said say cheese and Mason did as he said! IMG_1853This is his grumpy face.  We were not happy and not feeling good.IMG_1861Grumpy boy one day and Happy boy next day.IMG_1871


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