Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How early is too early?


The weather here right now and for the past week has been amazing! I believe fall snuck up on us and the nights are cool and perfect weather (especially for football).  I just love the weather.  It reminds me of summer nights in Chicago.  We have a football game this weekend, which I am counting down right now. 

This time of year is my favorite time to decorate.  Halloween is 47 days away and I am ready to pull my fall/Halloween items out of the attic and put them up.  I keep telling Michael I want to do this and he keeps telling me it is too soon.  Christmas decorating is easy.  I won’t put Christmas up until after Thanksgiving.  What do I do about my fall and Halloween decoration?  Especially the Halloween decorations.  They are my favorites.  I am going to be traveling a lot in the next few months, so I am thinking the decoration could go up this week.  I want to enjoy them the best that I can!  Maybe I will start today and put out my Halloween wreath.  It is amazing and super cute!  My floral designer from my wedding made me it last year and I loved it.  She also made one for my Mom, and Mom ended up taking the one I liked the best for her door.  Oh well, they were both super cute!  This year I am thinking I will get a Christmas wreath from her or maybe I will try and make one for myself. 

Attic here I come…   

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