Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Monday…I mean Tuesday!

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a week.  I have been doing really good at blogging few times a week.  I wish I had some good excuse, like I was traveling or something, but I don’t.  In fact, Michael was out of town last week, so one would think I would have had more time on my hands.  I, for some weird reason, was very busy last week.  So a quick update.

I wanted our house to be clean and look nice for our tailgate, so Michael’s cousin and I cleaned the whole house while Michael was out of town.  I love his cousin for keeping me company while Michael was out of town.  I really don’t know how Michael stands me being gone for work all the time.  I definitely have a major respect for him now that I have experienced it first hand. 

We had my family and some close friends over this weekend for a tailgate.  We decided that being the first game and all that we could do it at our house instead at the stadium.  I think it worked out better for everyone.  It was very hot Saturday, so we all stayed in the house and watched…ESPN of course.  The boys played a little wiffle ball in the backyard, but came in gross.  We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, and everyone brought a side dish.  Great food!!  We all just played and hung out.  Kids became friends.  We got to watch College Gameday and enjoy opening weekend of college football.  We went to the game and watched the hogs win 51-7!! WPS! 


Sunday was a lazy day.  We ended up on the La Huerta patio for drinks and dinner.  We played a little shuffle board and shot some pellet guns. 

On Monday, it was so nice and cool here that we decided to go on a hike.  We were going to go to the lake, but it was too cold for the lake.  We grabbed Gabby and went to Devil’s Den to go hiking.  This was Gabby’s first hiking experience and she loved it.  My fearless dog was all over that trail.  It made me nervous a few times, but she was safe.  We did two trails and probably hiked 4 miles total.  It was a great day for a hike and I am so glad we did it.  My legs on the other hand are a little unhappy this morning. 



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