Monday, August 29, 2011

5 Days!!!

If you have ask what happens in 5 days, then you are not from the South.  I am counting down the days until ARKANSAS FOOTBALL starts!!!  I cannot wait!!

The people of south would say Fall is our favorite season and that is because it is college football season.  I know people in the north do not quite understand our football craziness, but they don’t know what they are missing out on.  Michael and I lived in Chicago for awhile and one day I was asked by a co-worker why Southern States get so crazy about College football.  Let me explain for those who just don’t understand.

When we talk about Southern College Football, we are talking about the SEC.  South Eastern Conference.  The SEC is the strongest and best conference.  It is made up of 9 states and 12 schools. 

West Division:
Arkansas – University of Arkansas, Razorbacks
Mississippi – Ole Miss, Rebels/Bears & Mississippi State, Bulldogs
Louisiana – LSU, Tigers
Alabama – Alabama, Crimson Tide & Auburn, Tigers

East Division:
Georgia – University of Georgia, Bulldogs
Florida – University of Florida, Gators
South Carolina – University of South Carolina, Gamecocks
Kentucky – University of Kentucky, Wildcats
Tennessee – Vanderbilt, Commodores & University of Tennessee, Volunteers

So, again why are we college football crazy?  Most football craziness in other states comes in the form of the NFL games.  Well, in our 9 SEC states, only 4 of them currently have NFL football teams.  If you take out the Tennessee Titans, who moved to Tennessee in 1997, then 3 of the 9 had teams.  What does that mean for the south?  We love sports and since the majority of our states do not have NFL teams, we have to back our college teams. 

We, the SEC, will always cheer for any other SEC school unless they are playing your team.  This is probably why, since 1998 when the BCS Championship Game was created, the SEC has won 7 National Championship games and the next closest division is the Big 12 with 2 wins.  We have the best players and the best teams, and we continue to show why we are the greatest conference.  The fans are the best.  The ladies are the hottest and we definitely take tailgating to the next level.  If you have never been to an SEC tailgate then you are missing out.  The girls wear their cutest outfits that will match their school colors perfectly.  Their makeup will be prefect and the hair will be done.  The food will be perfect, the men will be grilling and the ladies will handle setup and cleanup and of course the socializing with all the guests and other random drop bys.  We welcome anyone and everyone to stop in and grab a bite to eat.  People might say we go over the top, but I call it normal.


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