Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Who needs a vacation?  Michael and I do!!  Well, I worked on a surprise for Michael a few weeks ago.  Michael has been working long hours for probably the last month and a half.  I know I travel a lot for work, but working long hours is like a tease.  I would see him a few hours a night and typically he was exhausted from work and just wanted to veg out.  Since, I work from the house, I am almost always dying to get out of the house come 5:00.  Even if it is a trip to the gym or a walk around the block, I must get out of the house! I occasionally have a freak out of GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!  We both are hitting that point.  I kept thinking we have Hawaii coming up in a few months, we don’t need to go anywhere, but then it hit me.  We have to get away from Arkansas.  Michael and I typically take 3 vacations a year.  Yes, I know that sounds like a lot, but most of the time 1 or 2 of those are long weekend trips. 

So, I wanted to surprise Michael with a trip out of the state.  I started looking at quick trips to the beach or mountains.  Nothing was jumping out at me.  Then I started thinking we should go to Chicago.  Oh how I miss it during the summers and I miss my boutiques.  Then I got the brilliant idea to go visit Michael’s best friend and my good friend in NYC.  Yes that would be PERRRRRFECT!  I started texting Zack and Peggy with two possible weekend choices.  From there, I had to get Michael off work.  Funny thing is that I don’t have his boss’s phone number or email address.  I was going to have to use my sales skills and find out.  Michael actually has two bosses that would have to be informed.  I contacted the wife of Michael’s friend who also works at his company.  Thank goodness, she was able to get me the information.  I contacted them and they said yes!  So, I jumped on it.  Flights were booked, with miles, and the ideas started!  I was thinking I would wait and pack for Michael and tell him the morning we left.  I thought it would be amazing to see his face.  Well, my mom reminded me I have a dog.  Boo Gabby!  I have to make arrangements for her to go to my parent’s house for the weekend.  Michael is sure to wonder why I am taking the dog to their house.  Instead, I made a plan to let him in on my surprise. 

I first made a cute card that said SURPRISE!  I went to the store and bought the biggest red apple I could find, and since none were big I bought three.  I hate fruit so he is sure to catch onto my plan.  Lastly, I placed a taxi cab globe my friend Peggy got me from NYC and it says NYC.  When Michael read the SURPRISE on the card, he looked scared, I think he thought I was trying to tell him we were preggers.  NO WAY!!!  Michael come on Taxi Cab APPLES!!!  Really!  Anyway he opened the card and read it and looked at me and said REALLY, WHEN?  I told him everything was done, flights booked, work knows, and we are staying with Zack.  He couldn’t believe it.  He just kept saying I haven’t seen Zack since Christmas.  I knew going to NYC would be exciting, but Michael was beyond excited!  Michael needs the break from work and so do I.  I can’t wait to leave Arkansas and relax, party, and go SHOPPING!!!!  I know this is really a trip for Michael, but with the terrible shopping here I can’t wait to get my new fall wardrobe.  We get to see good friends and have good food!  I couldn’t ask for a better mini vaca. 

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