Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Project

Michael told me a should explain my “take care of your pets” rant from yesterday.  Our neighbor has been leaving their dog (that is an inside/outside dog) out during the day the last two days and he has very limited shady spots.  I hear him barking and growling all day.  I would go bring him to my house, he has gotten out in the past and ended up at our house, but he is aggressive and tried to bite Gabby once.  Anyway, on to better things.

This last weekend I went to my parents house.  We are working and planning a bridal shower.  So, I went shopping with mom and worked on a few projects for the party.  We made all the Pom-Poms for the party.  I also worked on some initials for the party.  I thought it would be cute to have their new initials.  I went to Michael’s and found some letters and paint.  I used the colors for their wedding.  I think it turned out really cute.  photo (1) It was a great weekend to get stuff done.  Since Michael and several friends went to Kansas City for Warrior Dash, the wives got together for a dinner and movie night.  One of our friends had a precious baby boy about two months ago and so we hung out at there house.  It was great. Dinner. Movie. Baby Time. Perfect.  The boys had fun, too.  Michael enjoyed the 5k obstacle course and a weekend with the boys.  

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