Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Monday, Ya’ll!

This was a good weekend to relax before the next few weeks start.  I am very excited Michael and I have 3-4 day work weeks in a row.  Michael this weekend was go go go.  He couldn’t stand to sit for 5 minutes.  Friday night his monthly poker night, and I love to hate that day.  On Friday, I went to see a brand new super cute baby boy with my friend Rachel.  We took them dinner and coo’d at the baby.  Then we rented a girly movie and relaxed.  Why do I hate poker night?  Well, really I love the time I get at the house or time I get to go out and do something girly, but it is a late night normally (late night = good poker/ win money night) and Gabby and I hate sleeping without Michael.  Gabby barks at every little noise thinking he is home, which scares me every single time.  One would think I would get use to it waking me up, but my heart just goes crazy. 

Saturday, Michael ditched me to go play golf with his buddies.  It was supposed to be a short golf day and I was okay with that because my brother was in town.  YAY!!  He came all the way up from Fort Smith to be a GREAT brother and fix my broken ice dispenser in my fridge.  And yes, he fixed it!!!  Love him for that.  As his payment, I treated him to HammonTrees, which is fantastic, for lunch.  I wish my brother lived in Fayetteville, and we could hang out more often, even though he would probably hate hanging with me all the time.  Saturday night became date night for Michael and I.  He came home from a long day of golf and apologized as soon as he through the front door.  He thought it was going to be a 9-hole golf game but the people he went with wanted 18-holes.  That goes from a few hours to all day really fast.  He told me we could go get sushi and a movie.  He knew I could never be mad at him, especially when good sushi is involved.  Plus I got to pick the movie.  Payback!  Just joking.  He took me to see a movie I have been dying to see…The Help.  I read the book for book club, but then missed the book club meeting where they went to go see the movie.  Girls, take your men to see the movie.  Michael liked it.  Plus the movie theater was full, and it wasn’t just girls.  Great book and great movie. 

Sunday, was housekeeping day.  We mowed and took care of household chores.  It was an all day process.  I made dinner Sunday night for us and the neighbors.  The boys play wiffle ball and the girls talked.  Then…Michael’s cousin, Lindsey, came over.  She has been in South Africa ALL summer.  Boy have I missed that girl!!!  She told us all about her trip and filled us in on her starting grad school and all the important stuff.  We decided to go to Braum’s and get ice cream.  I forget about Braum’s all the time.  I need to remember their ice cream next time I am craving something cold.  It was so great to visit with her.  I am so glad she is home!  Well, off to do some work!  Happy Monday!   

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