Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene’s Weekend Damper

It is all over the news, Irene is going to hit the east coast.  The plan was for a little vacation in NYC this weekend.  It is really sad, and I am pretty bummed about not going to NYC.  Michael and I sat back and really looked at the storm and a few other factors including Michael needing to be somewhere next Tuesday for work, and decided to postpone our little trip.  We made this decision yesterday.  I was really upset about not seeing friends this weekend.  I have been looking forward to it for weeks. 

We decided it would not be a fun trip if it was storming the whole time.  We also decided it was kind of silly to go into a possibly dangerous situation.  I am sure it will be nothing or not as bad as they are predicting, but I thought if I knew a tornado was in the town next to us, would I drive there?  No.  Michael has been in a hurricane before, and at one point said it could be fun.  I think Michael realized he could get stuck there and since he has to be somewhere Tuesday morning for work, it became more clear.  I could work from anywhere, so I didn’t worry about work.  I woke up yesterday morning with horrible pain in my ear.  I went to the doctor and was told I have an ear infection.  How old am I?  The doctor told me it was probably a good thing I wasn’t going to be flying today, as my eardrum might have burst.  That would not have been a fun flight.  I am on medicine for it, but I guess Irene is a blessing in disguise. 

We will go to NYC in a few more weeks, which is okay, but it is sad at the same time.  I will get re-excited in due time. I am hoping our friends will still love us visiting in a few more weeks.   

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