Friday, November 18, 2011

Hawaii Day 3

There is one thing you have to see in Hawaii if you only have time to see one thing.  Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor is a great historical location.  Our third day in Hawaii, my family went to Pearl Harbor.  Michael and I went the first time we were in Hawaii, but they have updated and change a lot of things, so we knew we had to go again.  I have once piece of advice if you are planning to go to Pearl Harbor....arrive EARLY.  Going to the Arizona Memorial is free.  Yes FREE.  They hand out cards if you want to go to the Memorial and it has a time stamped on the back.  We arrived a little before 8:00AM and our time was 9:45PM.  Don't worry about finding something to do with that time.  They have changed the area and there is so much to see.  The area is updated and beautiful.  So, we walked around the area.  We checked out submarine information and looked at anchors and all kinds of interesting things.  When it was our time, we went into a theater and were shown a documentary about the day Pearl Harbor was attacked.  It makes things somber and then they load you up on a boat and take you to the memorial.  The saddest parts of the memorial are knowing the men on the Arizona were never brought to the surface and the fact that oil is stilling leaking from underneath.      

You can really look through and see things


All who died

Oil coming to the surface

Arizona Memorial
After our tour over to the Arizona, the family went over to the Missouri.  The Missouri, or Might Mo, is the last Battleship ever to be launched and decommissioned.  She was also the location where Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces ending World War II.  Now that you have a little historical information on the ship, let me tell me my personal opinion.  I have now seen this huge ship twice now.  It is very cool.  Especially if you like history.  They have tours of the entire ship, and tours of just a few decks.  Michael and I have done both.  The longer tour is awesome and was super fun.  I think my parents got a lot out of the shorter tour.  I knew a few more bits of information that I learned from the first tour, that I was able to share with them.  I also learned a few things I hadn't learned in the first tour.  So overall I recommend taking the tour and seeing the Missouri.  
Big guns

Where the Japanese surrendered

Mom, Dad, and Eric hanging out on the top deck

View from the top deck of the Missouri

Resting our feet

We were pretty exhausted from all of our walking around that I decided we would take my parents over to see Hickam Air Force base.  Michael and I stayed at our friend's house on base and they wanted to see where they lived.  We decided to take everyone to their house to relax before our next big adventure.  Our plans for the evening were to go to Paradise Cove.  Paradise Cove is a luau.  It is very amazing.  We were apart of the deluxe package.  This package gets you the VIP treatment.  HAHA!  Well it gets you free drinks, front row seats, table service, pictures, and a souvenir.  So, really you get nothing.  On Oahu, this is the Luau you have to attend.  They have great dancers, and the food is good.       

Dad won a prize

Waiting for the show to start

Making head pieces.

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