Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I know we did.  I am pretty sure I could have skipped meals for two days and my body would have still thought it was full.  My family is wonderful.  We always have a big group for Thanksgiving, probably had 25-30 this year.  A big group of people means LOTS of good food.  My favorite is my Aunt Jackie's chocolate fudge.  I am pretty sure I almost made myself sick on it this year.  Everyone brings a side and a dessert.  Yummy yummy.  

My side item is my Granny's dressing/stuffing.  As she got older and it was harder for her to stand for long periods of time, I started going to her house the day before Thanksgiving and helping her make her dressing.  It is made from scratch and it is probably the only thing in the world I can make without measuring a thing.  I taste and eyeball each ingredient.  I do it the way we used to make it, even though it isn't exactly the original way.  The original way was made with real eggs and the way we made it was with egg beaters (my Granny had high ME).  So, I made it the day before, and I actually messed up a batch of it.  I grabbed Southwestern egg beaters instead of the original ones.  I noticed of course after I poured and smelled it.  YUCKY!!!  I got really mad and went to the store bought all the ingredients again and started over.  I really was more sad than mad.  In all the years I have been making it with her and now the two years I have been making it on my own I have never messed up.  I will say this, the do over batch was the best I have ever made.  In my opinion.   

So we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family and Saturday night had some friends over to the house for a little football watching and a game night.  It was a great way to end the holiday.  

Now, my house is ready for Christmas.  It is decorated and the lights are up on the outside of the house and Christmas music is playing.  Yes, while I work I play Christmas music.  It puts me in the best mood no matter what.  I will be doing a little Christmas count down.  I will share all my favorite things about Christmas over the next 24 days.  

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