Thursday, December 1, 2011

23 Days til Christmas

Love this photo of us from my wedding
Today, I am grateful to one Very Big and Great thing.  My bestie, who currently lives in South Florida, has been working for a little while on a new job.  Well same company just a new position.  I have been dying to tell the world, but didn't want to jinx it.  Why would talking about it jinx the new job?  BECAUSE SHE IS MOVING HOME!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!  I have known it was a possibility for a few months.  I don't know...seems like 6 months.  A few weeks ago she accepted the new job.  I should let Michael talk about what I did after/during the call where she told me.  I should also say she told Michael first...she was looking for me.  Needless to say I was told on the phone in Wal-Mart.  Too bad you can't find the tape.  I did a little dance and song.  I think all night I kept saying I get my friend back I get my friend back.  Michael just laughed at me.  She should be completely moved back in 2 weeks, before Christmas.  SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!  We have been friends since high school and lived 5 doors away from each other in college and in the same apartment complex after college.  I am really excited to share clothes again and she is excited to have me cook for her again.  So today, I am thankful and grateful that my best friend, Megan, is moving back to Arkansas.  LOVE YOU!!!! 
Doing what we do best...getting tan on the beach

Old Old Picture, from College (okay not that old)

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