Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas is coming!!!

I have been so busy and I have also been sick that I haven’t been blogging.  I am bad.  Michael and I decided to exchange gifts early this year.  We can’t ever wait to share what the other has picked out.  My favorite part of Christmas is definitely giving gifts.  I was proud of my gifts to Michael and my family.  Can’t reveal the family part yet, but Michael got a new set of irons and a driver.  That was his big gift for his birthday and Christmas.  I also got him a Hot Sauce of the month membership.  Sounds silly, but Michael LOVES hot sauce.  He was super excited.  I think of all his gifts his favorite wasn’t the clubs or the hot sauce but I got him the Goonies on Blu-Ray.  It is his all time favorite movies.  He was so excited that he wanted to watch it immediately. 

Michael got me something I have been wanting on and off.  I wanted a Kindle, but I am glad I waited since they just released the Kindle Fire.  You can watch movies, play game, listen to music, and read.  Michael got me a Kindle Fire.  I have already completed one book on it, while I wasn’t feeling good.  It will be great for all the traveling I currently do for work.  I can’t wait to use it on an airplane.  HAHA!  Speaking of airplanes…I think we are planning our next vacation.

We are wanting to go skiing.  I can’t wait.  I used to go every year, but lately it hasn’t been near that often.  I think we know when and where, but just got to plan out the details which we will probably do it tonight.  We are thinking about going to Crested Butte.  You can fly into Gunnison which is very close 40 minutes from the slopes.  I have skied Crested Butte a few times, and normally I like going to new places to ski, but it is so easy to get there from Arkansas.  Michael hasn’t been there and I know he will love it.  I will share details tomorrow, hopefully we book it tonight.  Oh and if we do this it will be in a few weeks…

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