Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Busy Weekend

I can’t believe it is already Wednesday.  It has been a crazy busy weekend and week.  Friday night, we went to the Razorback Baseball game.  First SEC game of the season.  It was a long game because it went into extra innings, but don’t worry we won.  It was a slow game and by the time it was over we were exhausted.  I was so happy to get to sleep that night.


Saturday was busier than Friday.  Michael got us up early and he went golfing while I went shopping with my bestie Megan.  Then we went to the Saturday baseball game.  It was great.  The game went faster than Friday.  We left early from the game to get ready for a St. Patty’s day party Saturday night at our friend’s house.  We went home and watched the Hogs win on TV.  Our friend’s parents throw an annual St. Patty’s Day party and it is always a blast.  They have oysters, other food, and a band.  It is great because lots of our friends are always there.  So it is good times with great friends.  I love seeing everyone and just hanging out.  It was another late night for us, but a fun night.

Sunday was work around the house day.  My parents came up to go to the Sunday Razorback game, that we won.  We are a family that doesn’t like to miss a game.  My Dad brought up the tiller so we could get my vegetable garden ready.  We washed cars and mowed the lawn (yes mowed the lawn in March).  My garden is officially ready.  Now it is pouring down rain and my garden might be is flooded.  I am hoping my seeds aren’t floating away somewhere.  I am so sore from working in the yard all day Sunday.  It might not help that running daily has also become a norm in my routine. 

Here is my garden before the

Here is my garden after the rain.flooded garden

Today, I tried to run on the treadmill and I made it almost a mile before my back started shooting pain.  I think it is from working in the yard, but not sure.  I am going to get a massage tomorrow to help fix this problem.  I don’t want to go too many days without running.  I am hoping this rain stops soon, so that my garden doesn’t die and I have a doggie who really wants to go outside and play.  Hopefully soon!!!  Sorry for the random posting today has been one of those day!

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