Tuesday, January 29, 2013

3 Weeks Old

Wow, the weeks have just flown by.  Maybe it is due to lack of sleep or maybe time just doesn’t stand still, but either way it is going by way too fast.  My little monkey is getting so big and growing now at a very fast rate.  Last Tuesday, he weighed in at 7lbs 3oz.  This week he weighed in at 7lbs 15oz.  He is basically an 8lb baby now (with clothes and diaper).  He is now 21 inches long.  It just makes me sad to think I only have so much time alone with him until I go back to work. 

He is still sleeping great.  He consistently sleeps 4+ hours at a time at night.  During the day it is more like 3 hours between feedings and sometimes he spends the time awake playing or sleeping.  He is becoming more and more smiley.  I love his little smiles.  I don’t think they are directly related to things we do with him, but his smile still makes me and Michael melt.  He loves to be walked around the house and shown pictures.  He will stare at any photo or light.  He also stares at the iPhone during Facetime with Nana and Papaw.  I am sure he would do it during Uncle Eric’s Facetime, if we could coordinate a section of awake time. 

He got to meet lots of fun people this weekend.  We took our first road trip to Fort Smith to visit my parents and family.  He met his great aunt Jackie and his cousin Kelly and Mike.  He also got to meet some friends who just loved on him and he was content to be held and loved on. 

His umbilical cord finally fell off, which meant he got to have his first bath.  Mason was not too pleased with the bath.  He was scream and then be happy in about a two second change.  If I kept pouring water over him, he stayed happy.  When I would get the soap out to rub on him, he would just scream.  I am hoping he will start to enjoy bath time real soon.   

He definitely knows who his Mama is.DSC_2096Smiling during his newborn photo shoot.DSC_2359He is a ladies man.MasonHe makes some of the best faces.photoHe hates being wrapped up.Mason_Allen_01_21_2013_1813.NEFFamily Photo time.Mason_Allen_01_26_2013_1832.NEFPeaceful BabyMason_Allen_01_26_2013_1840.NEFNot so bad.Mason_Allen_01_27_2013_1853.NEFThis face kills me…WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?Mason_Allen_01_27_2013_1855.NEFOkay it wasn’t that bad.Mason_Allen_01_27_2013_1869.NEFGetting warm after the bath by the fireplace.Mason_Allen_01_27_2013_1878.NEFDaddy reading Mason a story. Mason loves looking at us.Mason_Allen_01_28_2013_1882.NEFGetting some Daddy time.Mason_Allen_01_28_2013_1888.NEFHis shirt says I <3 BBQ. Getting ready to meet Auntie Peggy.photo (1)Walking while the weather is nice.photo (2)This is the happy face after projectile vomiting all over me.photo (3)Everyone out for a walk.photo (4)Trying out the carrier…he needed some Mama love.photo (5)

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