Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review


The hubby and I took a kid free vacation to go skiing at our favorite spot Crested Butte. We had a blast, but seriously missed our baby boy. Can’t wait until 2016, when we plan to take Mason on his first ski trip.20140120_105743



Mason turned 1 and we celebrated with all of our friends and family. Mason was so excited about having all of the attention and he especially loved his CAKE!! Life in 2014 was just beginning and we were already enjoying the little things. DSC_7156


We had a fabulous Valentine’s Day with our two sweet babies. Mason was looking very GQ and cruising the entire house for kisses.PhotoGrid_1392393619619

We also started noticing Mason was having several allergic reactions and my poor baby had a rash on his face almost constantly. IMG_20140129_125455


We started to prepare for summer and Mason was right there helping his Daddy out to build all of the new projects. We also took Mason to an allergist and found out our poor baby had several allergies to different food items. Life changes.MasonAllen_Bday_03_16_2014_4616.NEF


We had our first Easter egg hunting experience. Mason didn’t quite understand that no one was going to take away his eggs, but he loved holding them and later discovering the surprises that were inside.Easter_04_19_2014_4757

We celebrated my 30th Birthday party with a lot of friends in VEGAS!!! We ate a lot of good food, gambled and went to some fun shows. We will leave it at that.DSC_0421


Summertime fun time began!! We had so much fun going to the lake in May. Mason loves riding in the boat, even though most of the time he would fall asleep.20140525_123553

We took Mason to see some Lions and Tigers. He wanted to make friends with them so bad. It was fun to watch his excitement. We might even need to take him back this summer.MothersDay_05_10_2014_4959.NEF


I was in one of my closest friends wedding. It was wonderful and he is super lucky to have married such a wonderful woman!PeerbolteWedding_06_14_2014_5038.NEF

We spent sometime in June with family. Hanging out at the pool and going to baseball games together. It was a great month for family. Mason especially loves his Papaw. 20140615_200642


July was spent in the pool!! Mason loves swimming and I cannot wait until 2015 to get him going on swim lessons.Pool Fun_07_12_2014_5274.NEF



August was another big, fun month. We found out we were expecting baby #2, even though we didn’t tell anyone for a long time. We took Mason and his best friend to a local fire station to see the fire trucks. Those boys loved every second, especially the brooms.Fire Station_08_24_2014_5429.NEF


Michael and I took another kid free vacation to St. Thomas this month. It was amazing and we needed some R&R. We decided 7 days is TOO long to stay away from Mason and it was probably our last vacation completely kid free. I am pretty sure Mason starting in 2015 will be old enough to really enjoy a vacation with us. St_62.Thomas_09_24_2014_5547.NEF



Football season was in full swing in October and we don’t miss a game. We always go with my parents since they have season tickets too. IMG_20141025_102118

Mason got to go fishing in October with his cousin Hadley, while Mama got some much needed rest, from being so sick with Baby #2. PhotoGrid_1414342279638


We got ready for Christmas, by taking Mason to see the local Christmas lights. He loves the lights. Our neighbors still have them up and we have to drive all the way around the block to see them all. I think he will be a little disappointed when they are gone.20141121_182950-MIX

We also got to see our newest addition on the big screen and he/she looks great. 2015 is going to bring great additions and surprises. SCN_0001


December is the best month of all. Christmas time, family time, Daddy’s birthday! The list for December could go forever.MasonAllen_11_28_2014_258.NEFDec14_12_14_2014_413.NEF

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