Thursday, February 5, 2015


Mason is becoming such a talker or chatterbox as my Mom calls him. The sentences he is making kill me sometimes and I am quickly learning that he hears everything we say and if we don’t want it repeated wait to say it after he is asleep. I want to forever remember some of the things he says…the funny, the extra sweet, and the crazy. I think I will try to remember to write them down, because I have a feeling these are just starting and only going to get funnier.


  • The baby likes to kick hard and from time to time I will say ouch out loud. Mason will ask me if Baby Hurt, does the baby hurt? If I tell him she kicked me, he will come over and hug my belly and say I sorry Mommy. And then he kisses the baby.
  • At night, we always lay in his bed and read stories. I will usually read a book and then turn off the light. Since we got rid of the pacifier, Mason lays there and talks until he falls asleep. One night, we were laying there and he grabbed my hand and said Mommy pick my boogers. I was trying to act like I was asleep, and he took my finger and tried to use it to pick his own nose.
  • He loves to hold hands when snuggling. But he wants to hold both of our hands. He will search and search for our hands and say Mommy/Daddy hold hands please.Screenshot_2015-02-02-20-13-49
  • My favorite thing to hear is him saying Thank you (without being asked). He asked me to go get his blanket the other night and when I gave it to him, he said Thank you Mommy. Made Michael and I both smile.
  • We talk to my Mom and Dad usually on the way home from school. Mason usually tells them all about what he did at school that day. It usually consists of him telling them someone (he uses their name) Bite Mason. One day, he kept saying Nana come to Mason’s house and then he would say Mason go to Nana’s house. I think it made her day to know he wants to see them.
  • Mason woke up in the middle of the night screaming. I went upstairs, he had had a nightmare (I think). When I asked him what happened? He kept asking, What happened to E? (E=Eric, my brother) I told him E is at his house asleep. He asked Is E okay? Poor baby and object permanence. I called E the next day and let Mason talk to him. Even on the way home from school he was asking about E. Must have been a pretty awful nightmare.
  • Right now he loves to ask for something or a question…He will say Oooookaaay Mommy…Okay! I love that he is answering his own question with okay. I must do this too.
  • Mason loves to mimic. If he sees something he wants it done to him. I got a picture from school the other day with a note that he insisted on having his hair done. And that he kept it in longer than any of the girls. IMG_0126 

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