Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Addison – 3 Months

_07_20_2015_1465.NEFWeight: We go to the doctor next month, so I don’t know the exact answer but I did do the weigh us weigh me and she weighs…

Height: Who knows…I can tell she is longer, but haven’t measured her in awhile. She is long enough that her 0-3 month pjs are tight in the length. Thank goodness for cute gowns. 

Clothes: Addison is just starting to outgrow her newborn clothes, finally!! She fits into 0-3 month pjs, 0-3 months clothes and some 3 month clothing, but newborn clothes are getting a little too tight. She is in size 1 diapers. Just a little bitty baby. 

Eats: We are still eating every 2 hours. At school she eats 3oz every 2 hours, so I am guessing that’s what she eating during the other feedings.  

Sleeps: Addie Mo is a good sleeper. She goes down at 9 and gets up at 4 most days. Some days she will wake up in the middle of the night to eat, but most nights she makes it until 4am, with the random 5am or 6am days. I am ready for 8-6 or 9-6 like her brother. Please soon pretty girl!

Likes: Addison is definitely a Mama’s girl. She is always smiling at me and is now laughing. She really tries to talk by moving her mouth with the occasional noise coming out. She focuses so hard on grabbing items. I caught her watching her feet the other day and that was funny. She was in awe of them.  

Dislikes: We have another super happy baby. Her biggest complaint is gas and spitting up. She takes medicine for the spitting up but some days are better than others. Over the weekend was bad. Poor baby just was not happy. But who really would enjoy having food come back up.

Addison’s hair is just plain fun. It is growing so much. I really cannot wait until it is long enough to do things with it….besides putting bows in her hair, which I can already do.

Mason wanted to get in on the pictures and he finds Daddy a lot funnier than Addison. Addison is giving her…don’t expect me to smile for you face. _07_20_2015_1467.NEF Lets do a little comparison!PhotoGrid_1437445870934 PhotoGrid_1437446102395

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