Monday, February 8, 2016

30 Day Challenge - Week 1

Week one is done. It was hard. It was soooooo hard. Both Michael and I spent some money. Michael bought some medicine, which isn't cheating. I had to get some woman products when I got a surprise visitor. Both are in the essentials category.

Now, for the Non-essential purchases. I am keeping it real here. Michael went to play poker Friday. He does this every month. I was so mad at him, because I kept telling him that it was spending money. His response. Only if I lose. I was so mad at him. Well, he didn't lose and he even won some money, BUT it was so breaking the rules. I knew he wouldn't be able to go the whole month I knew it. I told him on Saturday during an argument over poker that we might as well quit. He kept saying that I am the one who spends more money. As, I explained to him, this is for both of us to realize what we spend the most money on. I rarely ever do for myself. When I do spend money it is on my kids.

My payback, yes, I spent money. I signed Mason up for swim lessons for March and April and that required that I pay for said lessons now. Obviously, I couldn't wait until March to sign up for lessons in March. See money spent on my kids!!!!!!

Other items, I am refraining from purchasing right now. Mason needs new shoes. I put on a pair of his favorites the other day and his toe was all the way at the end. Now, I have a few a half size up, but they are too big. Barely, but still. I need shoes that lace up for him. He has one good pair of converse and some boots that still fit, so I can wait until March to get him new shoes. We will go shopping together and try a bunch on.

We will see how this week goes. I am guessing easier. Michael is gone part of this week on a work trip, which makes it easier on him to not spend money. I will be playing single Mom, which makes my life harder but busier. I will be heading to the grocery store today or tomorrow to pick up milk, eggs, bread and formula for Addison. Check out an update on Addison this week.

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