Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Becoming Godparents

Michael and I were asked by our good friends to be the Godparents to their daughter Hattie.  We were completely honored to be asked and accepted immediately! I am so behind on pictures that I just finished looking through and editing the photos from her baptism at the end of July.  I planes, trains, and automobiled myself from South Carolina to Arkansas in order to be at her baptism.  Well minus the trains, but I made it thank goodness.  I was super worried I wasn’t going to make it due to a canceled flight.  I would have been VERY sad to miss out on that special moment.  We are truly blessed to have these great friends, who also just live down the street. 

I am looking forward to my little bundle of joy and Hattie being raised together.  We have already declared if we have a boy that Hattie and him will be boyfriend/girlfriend.  We have told Stella, the older sister, she can’t steal her sister’s boyfriend, because she will be too old for him.  If we have a girl they will be best friends.  Can’t wait to watch Miss Hattie grow.  She is already changing each day, and we feel very lucky to see the changes.  Here are some pictures from the baptism and after party.

Getting blessed.Hattie_Baptism_07_21_2012_1108.NEFCheck out that smile for her Daddy!Hattie_Baptism_07_21_2012_1109.NEFShe didn’t even cry.Hattie_Baptism_07_21_2012_1116Big Sister giving out some love.Hattie_Baptism_07_21_2012_1120.NEFMichael lighting the candle.Hattie_Baptism_07_21_2012_1124.NEFGroup Shot after.Hattie_Baptism_07_21_2012_1138.NEFGetting some much needed Godmother love. Hattie_Baptism_07_21_2012_1140.NEFBig Sister Stella being silly with Jen Jen.Hattie_Baptism_07_21_2012_1145.NEFFamily shot with Father John Antony.Hattie_Baptism_07_21_2012_1149.NEFThe entire crew.Hattie_Baptism_07_21_2012_1156.NEFSnuggling with her Daddy.Hattie_Baptism_07_21_2012_1162.NEF

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