Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mason-19 Weeks

Long Long Long.  Yup this kiddo has grown in length again! Okay, I know it is going to probably occur for the next 20 years but really give the kid a little break.  He is now 27.5” long.  2 weeks ago at his doctor’s appointment he was 26.75” long.  Almost another inch.  I think he grows overnight.  One day I will tell Michael lets measure him I think he is longer.  Michael laughs at me but indulges me and every single time the boy is longer.

We have had busy busy week and Memorial Day weekend.  Mason had his first of many trips to the lake.  His first of many times out on the boat, and he didn’t scream all of the time.  When the boat was moving he would almost always fall asleep.  The life jacket he hated, but really who wouldn’t.  Overall I think it was a very very successful trip and I can’t wait to go many more times this summer.  I know he will enjoy it more and more each time we go. 

My little Cubby Bear.IMG_2148Riding the neighborhood with his legs propped up on the stroller.IMG_2151Oh I love my ducky! It is the greatest!IMG_2154Check out that hair.IMG_2160Family shot.IMG_2161Sleeping baby.IMG_2162Daddy and Mason ready for some lake time.Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2429.NEFGoing on a three hour tour!Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2431.NEFWaiting to leave the dock.Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2437.NEFThis shows just how much he hated the vest.Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2442.NEFPapaw is driving a what…?Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2445.NEFWhere are we going?Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2447.NEFThe life jacket tastes soooo yummy.Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2448.NEFI am one cool cat.Mason_Allen_05_25_2013_2449.NEFThis is how Mason spent the majority of his time on the boat…eating or sleeping.Mason_Allen_05_26_2013_2450.NEF

Dad lets go over there it looks like more fun!Mason_Allen_05_26_2013_2452.NEFMy cute biker baby!image (1)Pope Masonimage (2)Okay, it is funny.  No we did not let him drink beer.  The bottle was cold and felt good on his gums, which might have teeth trying to come in.Mason_Allen_05_26_2013_2459.NEFHe loves to chew on the paci.Mason_Allen_05_28_2013_2466.NEFBlowing bubbles!Mason_Allen_05_28_2013_2480.NEFI want to feed myself!Mason_Allen_05_28_2013_2489.NEF

So sleepy after his long, long weekend.IMG_2168Scared Eyes!IMG_2169

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