Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Birthday Party Fun

We have had several fun birthday parties lately. Lately as in the last 2 months. Mason has had so much fun at each one for different reasons. The first party was a pony party and it was on a farm. Mason got to ride a pony and feed some chickens. He was in little boy heaven and was so fun to watch. I was supposed to be taking it easy, but I am not very good at that so I went to the party and sat and watched. I was so glad I went to see him so happy and having so much fun. DSC_0001.NEF DSC_0004 He never wanted to get off. It was great. DSC_0005.NEF DSC_0015 The second party Mason enjoyed was a fishing party. He loved it. He wants to go fishing EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Thank goodness we have a great nanny right now and she takes him multiple times a week. The fishing party was for Mason’s girlfriend and it was post Addison’s arrival. Mason fished and fished and fished at Hattie’s party. He caught upwards of 10 fish. The parents would cast and he would reel them in. Every time another parent yelled they had a fish on the line, Mason would run over and reel it in. It was funny. Most of the other kids were happy with reeling one and some didn’t really want to go near the fish. May15_05_09_2015_1288 Birthday Girl blowing out her candles. May15_05_09_2015_1305 Mason’s favorite part of any birthday party. The cake. He is totally my child. May15_05_09_2015_1309 Poor Fish. May15_05_09_2015_1315 My boys looking oh so cute. 20150509_121757 In his element. 20150509_123728 Getting brave about touching the wiggling fish. 20150509_123740 Daddy showing Mason a close up view of the fish he caught. Mason wasn’t too sure he wanted to touch it. May15_05_09_2015_1278 Our last and most recent party was for our niece. She turned ONE. I cannot believe it. It makes me sad and I realize I need to enjoy all of Addison’s baby phase. It won’t be long until she is one. It was pretty much just family for this party, but we had so much fun playing with cousins. We had to leave early unfortunately for a wedding, but we got to have some cake and get some energy out.

Here is a picture of Addison with her Great-Grandmother. We need to take her to see her Great Great-Grandmother soon. Maybe during lunch this week. It is wonderful that Addison and Mason still have Great and Great Great Grandparents on Michael’s side of the family. 20150530_160941 Me with the birthday girl. Pretty Princess. 20150530_164117 Mason was so excited about singing and cake. 20150530_164944 Girlfriend needed a spoon to eat her cake. She did NOT like it being on her fingers. 20150530_165236

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  1. Both kids are really adorable and I wish them a successful and happy future life. Last month we celebrated birthday of my niece at one of best party halls in Bay area and it was so much fun. I never thought kid’s birthday parties can be so joyful.


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