Thursday, June 11, 2015

Potty Training

I am happy to give this report. We have been working on getting Mason potty trained. He is a very stubborn little boy. He gets it from his Mama and his Daddy. In the fall, Mason started asking about the potty and being curious and even pooped on the potty a few times. We didn’t think he could possibly be ready to be trained. Plus being pregnant I didn’t have the energy or patience to work seriously on it.

Then after he turned 2 I realized he really was ready. I tried to get his school to help us out in the training area. They acted onboard, but we horrible. Never consistent. Potty training needs consistency. So, we pulled back a little. Then Addison arrived and Mason came to stay at the house with us this summer due to his horrible school situation. Michael and I discussed options. We tried to get him to potty train using a pull up. We tried just putting him in underwear. We tried food, and we tried candy. I finally started asking around and several friends said they did the let them be naked route.

I was ready to try anything! I talked to our nanny and set a date to start. Most people said it only took 3 days of being naked before their kids were trained. It took Mason a little longer. Mason’s main problem was pooping on the potty. He like to hide to poop and if you came close to him while he was pooping he was yell NO NO GO AWAY. I was surprised that Mason wouldn’t pee or poop on himself while naked. The pooping usually waited until naptime or first thing in the morning. We still are putting him in a diaper for sleep times and long car rides. He started going poop in the potty alone. One day he just ran into the bathroom, took his clothes off, and did it. Then yelled for us. We have a treasure box with toys just for pooping in the potty. He wanted his toy and since that day it has been all uphill!

He is smart. He knows what he needs to do. Don’t know how, but I would say he is potty trained. Don’t get me wrong. He still has an accident every now and then, but most of those are my fault for not asking or not making him stop playing to go potty. Our plan to get rid of diapers all together…Wait until he is consistently dry when waking up from nap and bedtime. Most of the time he already wakes from nap dry, but bedtime will probably take longer. I don’t want to get up in the middle of the night to take him to the potty. I like sleep too much. Plus his little bladder isn’t ready at night.

20150603_081832 Doesn’t he look so big here, playing at the splash park. He is cute and always smiling and having fun!20150604_102145

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