Wednesday, August 12, 2015


We have been talking about getting a bike for awhile now. Michael really wanted a road bike. I wanted a cruiser. Mason really wants a bike now too, as you can tell from his whiny video. He wants everything right now and everything can be done by himself!!

This past weekend, while Michael was in Denver he purchased a road bike. He went to two bike shops and during the second he just did it. I heard about it later, and I know he is very excited to get it in and start riding. Where we live there is a great trail called the Razorback Greenway and it is awesome. He has been wanting to ride on it for awhile, but we didn't have the equipment.

We have some friends from Chicago who own a bike tour place in Chicago and in Little Rock. I knew that every year they sell off all their old bikes and get new ones. I was about to message them about the Little Rock location and when they would be doing the sale so I could get a cruiser and the same day the Little Rock location posted on Facebook about the sale. When I say sale, we are talking rock bottom prices. Check out their website Bobby's Bike Hike Little Rock, if you need a bike. SO, on Saturday I purchased a cruiser and a trailer for the kids. Maybe I should say I purchased 2 cruisers. One for Michael and one for Me. Why? If you know anything about bikes then you probably understand, but for those like me. A road bike is most comfortable at about 14mph and a cruiser at 8mph. Michael apparently would not have been happy on his road bike with us and the kids. We now have our family riding bikes and he has his bike for exercise and such.

Look out world here we come. Sperry Family riding come down a street near you.

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