Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mason Update - 2.5 Years

Mason is becoming such a big boy. He is wild, crazy, and opinionated. He says some of the funniest things to me and to other people. I want to try and remember it all.

  • Our neighbor was messing with Mason the other day and asked him if she could ride his "bicycle". He said "No you won't Fit." She asked him several times and each time he told her that she wouldn't fit. Then her husband asked and he said yeah. 
  • Mason will say, "Stop Boy" when you tickle him.
  • I love love love when he says "Thank you Mommy Thank you." We always make him say Thank You to people, but it is the best when he gets so excited over something we are doing and he says Thank you Mommy Thank You!!!
  • Mason thinks that Ribby the Razorback is his best friend. He asked me to call him on the phone so he could talk to him. The only problem, if Ribby was sitting right here he would run and hide.
  • Speaking of best friends. He also thinks Addison and Daddy are his best friends. I am pretty sure Mommy is just Mommy in his eyes. Case in point, below picture...Mason wanted a picture with Addison and as I snapped it he told me she was his best friend. Sweet brother. 
  • Mason loves music. He picks up on song lyrics fast. He loves Katy Perry and Taylor Swift the most. He will request them every.single.time. 
  • Every time we go to Starbucks, Mason always says he wants coffee. Now I usually get him the kids frozen caffeine. 
That's all the ones I can think of for now. This doesn't even touch the stuff that comes out of his mouth, but I am hoping to keep a better track of them. 

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