Friday, August 14, 2015


Have you ever had Pink Eye? It sucks!! I got it this week. Randomly. On Wednesday morning, I woke up with a sore throat and my eyes were itchy. I thought it was allergies. I mowed the grass the day before and just assumed it was from that.

By about lunchtime, I noticed my eye was red and still itchy. Then it felt like something was in my eye. Now anything having to do with my eyes makes me a big baby. I cannot touch my eye or put drops in my own eye. It was hurting so bad I was desparately looking for the eyedrops. I called Michael pretty frantic asking where they were, because of course they were not where they should be. I finally got some drops into my eyes and received a little relief. But as the day progressed it got worse and worse. Swelling started, green gunk started, and the need to close my eye, well that was all I wanted to do. By the time it got to the point where I knew something was really wrong with my eye and thought I might have pinkeye, my doctor's office was closed. GRRR. I had some medicine from when I thought Addison might have it, turns out it probably was pinkeye for her too, and tried it on my eye. I think it might have made things worse. My yesterday morning my eye was so swollen that I called the doctor first thing and got in to see them. Confirmation...PINKEYE!!! BOO!!! But I did get some drops for my eyes, awesome! And I am already seeing a little improvement. YAY! If you don't like all things yuck, stop reading or looking, because I am going to share a few pictures.

Please pray that the rest of my family doesn't get pinkeye, but just in case my wonderful doctor gave me refills on the drops. I guess I won't be going out in public anytime soon for fear of scaring young children.

Right After Mason woke up from a nap.

Red but not yet swollen. Ignore the messy Mom hair and no makeup.

Yesterday morning. This was improvement from waking with my eye almost swollen shut. 

Yesterday afternoon, after a visit to the doctor.

This morning. Looking better. Less swollen and definitely less red than last night. 

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  1. Ugh, three of the four of us got it and it was SOOO awful!! I wear contacts and so it was really bad for me. Ick, especially as I hate wearing my glasses. Not fun and thank goodness for eye drops.


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