Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

Michael and I were extra busy this weekend. We went to the lake early Friday. We both took off work on Friday and got up early and went to the lake. It was perfect. We got there had lunch and headed out on the boat. Most everyone was already at the lake, so I am glad we went down early. This weekend it was just my parents and Michael. My brother stayed at home. I think it gets a little too crowded for him. Friday night we all went out at sunset and fished and relaxed. It was perfect. The weather was not too hot and not cool.

Saturday, we got up early and went out on the lake. We stayed out for hours! Amazing! Of course, everyone was out. I always love seeing 5 or 6 boats tied up together. It is a beautiful sight. It was hot and we all spent the majority of the time in the water. I got my tan on and enjoyed soaking in the sun and Michael enjoyed a little salmon skiing. It could not have been a more perfect way to spend the holiday weekend. Saturday night we were treated to smoked ribs. Awwww…I think I can still taste them. It was potluck style, and so of course all the food was yum yum. It was great to just sit around with friends and family enjoying the company and the weather.

We left the lake on Sunday. We knew we had a lot to do at the house, like mow the lawn. When we got home, we decided it was too hot to mow and drove up to Michael’s mom’s house for a swim with Gabby. Gabby loves the pool. She gets so excited and is like a little kid. She loves to swim with Michael. Everywhere he goes, Gabby goes. She get worried if she can’t see him and will almost get into a panic if he is under water “too long.” In our next house, we will definitely have a pool. Pool Party at my nonexistent future house. We were so sleepy when we got home, that I passed out for who knows how long.

Monday, we finally mowed the lawn. It was cloudy in the morning and so the weather was a little cooler. Perfect for mowing the lawn. We had plans to go to our neighbors for a 4th of July party and cookout. It was hot, but it was fun. We brought Gabby and she had a blast. There were a few kids at the house and one would chase her and I think it made her really happy. Favorite games: chase and keep away. After three days in the sun and heat, I needed to rest and relax. Monday night was fireworks night!!! We went to the Naturals fireworks display. It was good and loud. The traffic leaving was awful! I think next year I will stick to the lake fireworks display with no traffic. Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

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