Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I cannot stress enough how busy the last two weeks have been.  I was traveling for work, and then catching up on work from being gone.  Working on a bridal shower.  Visiting my nephew,  Going to a work function for Michael.  Craziness. 

So, let me just say I have a super adorable nephew.  It is sad he lives in North Carolina and I will probably only see him a few times a year.  I just have to say Gabriel is a Sperry through and through.  I was telling Michael on my return that it was scary looking at him and realizing this is probably what my future children could look like.  I wish I had a baby picture of Steven, because Gabe is really a mix of Steven and Michael.  It is weird, but as Steven put it…Sperry genes are dominant genes.

2010-03 (Mar)

He was super sweet and very fun to play with, even if it was only for a day.  Next time, Michael has to go out with me.  Gabe was a loveable little boy and a teething one at that.  He loved eating my phone or finger or anything he could get into his mouth.

GabeSperry_07-22-11GabeSperry_07-22-11_2407GabeSperry_07-22-11_2414GabeSperry_07-22-11_2431Gabe Eating Phone

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