Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cutest Things Ever…

My dog is adorable and definitely has a cute personality.  Lately she has been clingy and loveable.  Last night, Gabby and I went for a walk with Rachel and Stella.  We stopped at the Eikenberry’s new neighbor’s house and Stella ran to her house (where Michael and Tyler were playing basketball) and grabbed some ice, she then brought it back over and gave it to Gabby.  When we got to Rachel and Stella’s house, it was time for Stella to go to bed.  Stella said, “Bye Bye Gabby.”  Then, she ran down the driveway and gave Gabby a big hug and ran back to her mom.  So very sweet!!

Gabby loves swimming in the pool and the lake.  Here is a cute video of her and her Daddy playing in the pool. Happy Thursday!

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