Monday, July 18, 2011

Blah it’s Monday!!

I desperately need to go back to bed!  We didn’t really do much this weekend.  We had a dinner and game night on Friday with the Eikenberrys.  We played a little game of Fact or Crap.  It was one of the games we got as a wedding gift.  We registered for games, mainly because we had none and love to play them. 


Here is my sweet hubby playing the game and Gabby looking oh so happy to be sharing a seat with her Daddy.  Michael ended up winning the Fact or Crap game and I came in second.  gamenight1

I don’t have a lot of random knowledge in my head, but I do feel like the wine helped me get second place.  I was very proud of second place.  Fact or Crap is a guessing game, but I am sure someone in this world probably knows the answers…those people are on Jeopardy. 

On Saturday, we took Gabby and headed to the pool.  Gabby is so funny.  One of these times I am going to take a video of her from the time she gets out of the car until she gets in the pool.  She runs to the door to the house and runs back to me until I open the door and then she bolts to the back door, where she barks and whines until we open the door.  At that point Gabby runs and jumps straight into the pool and swims.  We always keep an eye on her, but she is very capable of getting in and out on her own.  We will sit inside sometime and watch her through the window and she just swims around and around.swim1

Gabby has a new favorite pool item.  The mat.  In the above picture she actually knocked me off the mat and took over.  I was in the deep end of the pool when this happened and she just jumped right onto the mat and made herself at home. 


This picture was taken a little later.  She really loves laying on the mat.  I think it is a good resting spot for her.  She is smart, because she can get up on the sucker all by herself.  It is just too cute.

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