Friday, July 22, 2011

Quick Update

I have been gone all week.  Well, since Tuesday.  I went to Myrtle Beach on Tuesday until Thursday night.  I was in Myrtle Beach for work and yes I did work.  I am not going to lie, I did enjoy my oceanview room.  The conference I was at was a success in my book.  We definitely should go next year, and hopefully they will have it at the same place.  

On Thursday, I decided late late to drive to Richlands, NC.  It is about 2 hours from Myrtle Beach and about an hour from the airport I was flying back home on.  Why Richland?  Well, my BIL and SIL live there with my nephew.  My nephew who is 4 months old and I had yet to meet.  I am so glad I went Thursday night instead of waiting until Friday.  Gabriel did not care too much for me on Thursday.  I think he couldn't figure out who I was and he was sleepy.  Katie, my SIL, made a late dinner for me.  Yum!  I just stared and coo'd at Gabe and he would give me the occasional smile.  He liked me just wanted to figure me out.  Here is a picture from my iPhone. I will tell all about him later, once I can get all the pictures off my camera.  Lets just say he officially loves his Aunt Jennifer and he is DEFINITELY a Sperry all the way.  
Here he is giving me a smile!

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