Monday, November 16, 2015

Snowbird Utah

I have been MIA. It has been crazy, overwhelming the last two weeks. To sum up the last few weeks...swim lessons twice a week, work trip, birthday parties, school parties, family pictures, family time.

Last week, I headed on my first overnight trip from Addison. I was so nervous. Two kids alone for three days, worried me to no end.  I tried to do as much as I could to help Michael out before I left. I was glad to bite the bullet and go. I have been putting off several work trips, because I wasn't quite ready to leave her. I took her on the last work trip, because I wasn't ready. But...can't take her everywhere, so I went. It was a great trip and in a beautiful location.

The first day, I woke up to beautiful mountain views. Not a lot of snow on the mountains, but they were gorgeous. The sun was coming up just over the peaks and kissing the opposite ones.

The second morning I woke up to snow. Lots and lots of snow. 10+ inches of snow. I was a little worried about getting down the pass to fly home that afternoon. The snow just kept coming down and coming down. I had checked the weather the night and it said 1-3 inches. HAHA. Well guess they missed that one. We left the resort at 12:30 with 10" and it was not slowing down. I was a little sad to leave. I would have loved to stay and ski, but I had to get home to my babies. 

This is me and my colleague and a client. We found this perfect spot to capture the snow and stay warm. The tram is behind us but the snow is so thick you cannot see it. 

This photo is the SLOW drive down the mountain. It was the most beautiful thing. I could live in the mountains. I always wish I wasn't so in love with my extended family and could just up and live in Colorado. I just could never live that far away from my Mom and Dad. I mean I would if we had a job offer we couldn't refuse. We talk all the time of quitting and moving to the mountains or the ocean. I think it would be fabulous!  
I made it home to sleeping babies and an exhausted husband. He did great. I forgot one of the days was school picture day, but he did awesome picking out adorable clothes for both kids and even put Addison in a bow. Bravo Daddy Bravo!!

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