Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Months Old

I am baaack! Sorry people, I spent ALL of last week on the road for work and had NO time.  My days are long and crazy, so I am back and so are the pictures.  I will catch up this week.  First, Mason turned 5 months old on the 8th! WOW!!!


Weight: I weighed him the other day on the big professional scale in my bathroom.  It is very high tech.  I weighed us and then do the baby hand off and weigh myself.  According to this Mason now weighs in at 17lbs.  Woot Woot.  On a side note this mama, now weighs less than pre-pregnancy. 

Height: I love measuring how long Mason is getting.  He is 28” long.  I officially purchased the Chicco Convertible car seat.  He is about to outgrow his infant car seat.  I can’t wait to get this and move him over.  He is just getting too big to haul around in the infant car seat.


Clothes: Mason is wearing 6 months and 6-9 months clothing.  He footed PJs are all 6-9 month and most everything else is 6 months.  I just got him a cute 4th of July swim suit and I put it on him this weekend and it was TIGHT.  Oops.

Eats: EVERYTHING! Mason is eating 7oz of formula every 4 hours.  At night we let him have Oatmeal and a veggie or fruit.  He hasn’t refused anything.  We have tried green beans, peas (didn’t love), sweet potatoes (favorite), carrots, squash, peaches (I personally hated the way they smelled), and I think that is it!

Sleeps: He loves naps and sleeping.  Mason goes to bed at 8PM every night and sleeps until 6AM.  LOVE IT! He naps 3-4 times a day still.  When he is sleepy he just wants to be put into his bed.  It is rare that he lets me rock him.  I can tell when he is sleepy because it is the only time he lets me hold him like a baby. 

What he is enjoying: He is loving going to “school.”  I think he likes school because in his class he is one of two boys.  Between the teachers and other kids there are 8 girls. He wants to sit up all the time and he is currently LOVING his Johnny Jump Up.  He jumps and laughs and jumps and laughs for 30 minutes straight or more.  He is also talking/making noise more and more each week.  Can’t wait to hear him say MAMA or
DADA.  Soon!

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