Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mason Week 20

Mason is having a good time.  He is learning new things everyday.  I am concerned about teething and crawling, both are just around the corner.  He chews on everything he can put into his mouth and is pulling his feet up under him.  It is super cute to watch him get those feet under him because it typically results in a face plant.  4 days until Mason is 5 months old! Wow! 5 months!

Trying to drink his bottle like a big boy!!  This is the beginning steps we are taking to be able to start sippy cups.IMG_2172He has figured out how to pose for self-portraits.IMG_2178We have had a few semi-naked days. This is becoming the normal look at dinner.  Mason is a very messy eater and is learning to spit the food out and then laughs.IMG_2179FaceTime with Papaw.  I thought it was funny how he is sitting in his jumper.IMG_2193So happy everyday!IMG_2194Mason started daycare/school on Monday.  So far, he seems to enjoy his days playing with the other babies.  I am a very lucky Mama to have a teacher who sends me pictures everyday to let me know how Mason is doing.IMG_2196Frizzy hair!IMG_2197I think this guy is going to be a BIG flirt just like his Daddy.IMG_2198Reading a story with Daddy!  Mason loves to look at the pictures and would love to eat the book if we would let him.Mason_06_01_2013_2532.NEF

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