Monday, June 24, 2013

New baby LOVE!!

My best friend and sister had a baby this weekend.  I am EXTREMELY sad she is in Honolulu and I am here.  I am wanting soooo bad to jump a plane and be there.  Oh the hardships of having a baby of my own.  Too bad Mason and I can’t jump the 8 hour flight from Dallas to Honolulu.  They will be back stateside in a few months and I will go see them then.  CANNOT WAIT.  I love my bestie and her kiddos.  I am looking forward to our first skype, so I can find out the whole story from big sister.  I have already heard the mama story, but to be a big sister again and now to a little sister.  I just know Skye will have soooo much to tell her Auntie Jen Jen.  And I am sure she will want to know when I am arriving.

In the meantime, let me introduce the newest baby member:

Evaliyna Moon (Moon is extra fitting since the Supermoon happened this weekend)

6lbs, 10oz and 19” long

Born at 12:08AM

Isn’t she the cutest thing ever.  I just love how they look all brand new.  They change so fast it isn’t even funny.  I just want to give this one some extra loves!947136_10151734875303832_1566410631_nDaddy loving on his new little girl.  Two girls…Boys beWARE this military Daddy will have your behind faster than anything.1009307_10151734008723832_617472118_oMommy and big Sister (twice over) looking sooooo happy.  Where Big Brother is in this picture who knows.  Probably pushing buttons and exploring.1013695_10151734875833832_348707259_nShe looks like her Daddy.  Finally he gets a kiddo that looks like him.  Check out that dark hair, which I am sure will become blonde like her sister and brother.  1016164_10151733269198832_719641960_n

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