Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekend Football

WE had a wonderful weekend!! Friends and family and football...my three favorite Fs. Today, I will recap our football Saturday. We had a busy weekend...no need to throw all of the pictures and fun at you at once, right?

Saturday morning, my parents and brother came up, along with Michael's best friend, wife and son. It was great. I love having my house full of fun. The game was at 2:30, so we had lunch together, got Mason down for a nap. I got Addison fed and down for a nap and then we left my Mama to handle the kiddos. She was lucky, because she got 2+ hours of peace and quiet before the craziness started. I was a little worried that Mason was going to be upset when he woke up since we didn't take him to the game. He was talking about going ALL morning. My Mom said he was fine, and they even watched the game for a bit.

It was a hot hot gameday. I would have loved the game a whole lot more if it had been cool or cooler. The amount of sweat that I lost...I probably lost a few pounds in the sauna. It was fun and I am so glad I went. Even though, I texted my Mom about 100x. It was the first time I left Addison with someone besides Michael. I think I did pretty good. I know Addison did good. Nana loves to spoil her grandbabies and love on them. Nana makes the best babysitter...that's what Grandparents are for right. Love, Spoil, and Play.

Addison ready for the game. 

We are ready for the game. All dressed in our red. 

Mason wanted a selfie with Mama. This was one of 100,000 he took. 

Time for a Daddy Mason picture. Mason's new thing grabbing our faces to ensure we are paying attention to him. 

Instead of saying Cheese...I say Mason give me your happy face and this is the face I get. 

Our annual, first game picture. I remember before we got in the car this year. 

Dad wanted a first game picture. 

Love this. 

My favorite part of the game.

Towards the end of the game...the stadium was emptying out.

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