Monday, December 21, 2015

4 Days...Gingerbread house

A new tradition I started last year with Mason, was making a Gingerbread house. Last year he ate most of the icing and since it was our first time we learned lots of lessons. So, this is I was way better prepared to make a house.

First thing I did differently this year, I put the house together and let the icing dry during lunch so that when Mason got home from school we could decorate it with the candy. I recommend giving the gingerbread house time to dry or it will be falling apart the entire time. I also used icing to stick the house on the plate I used.

The best part this year was watching Mason lick every piece of candy. I didn't care. Not like we are going to eat the house. It is decoration. I asked Mason, "why are you licking all the candy." His answer, "I am licking all the bugs off." I couldn't really argue with that answer. I said "Thank Bud, No one wants bugs on their Gingerbread house."

Finished Project

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