Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Addison - 8 Months

Weight: 17lbs 8oz on December 11th. Even with her little illness she was able to gain a little weight.

Height: 27.5inches. She has been the same length for a couple of months now. This is shocking to me, as Mason grew 1-2 inches every month for a year.

Clothes: Since she hasn't grown much she is in the same size clothing. 9month PJs and 6-12 month dresses/clothes. Size 3 diapers.

Eats: Addison eats 4-6oz bottles a day and 2 meals a day. Somedays she eats her milk great and other days it is closer to 4oz bottles. She gets mad when she finishes her pouches and will yell at us with this fake cry.

Sleeps: Great little sleeper. 7pm-7am and on the weekends or when we don't have to go to school she sleeps 7pm-8am. She naps 2-3 times a day.

Likes: Addison loves her Mommy. Addison also loves her brother and sister. She is always trying to get to one of us and now that she is crawling it is fairly easy for her to get what she wants. She loves to steal other babies pacifiers. I think it is because she typically only gets them during bedtime or nap time. She is loving crawling over her sister and her sister just takes it.

Dislikes: Addison gets nervous around large groups of new people and pretty much anyone but Mommy and Daddy. She is good with other people holding her for a few minutes as long as Mommy is within sight. It made for an interesting Christmas. Pretty much, Michael, myself and my Mom held her the entire time. She hates the dark but only in the car.

Teeth: Nothing. Absolutely no teeth.

What's New: Addison is crawling. Everywhere! She is also standing up/pulling up on everything. One week we were scooting and the next real crawling and the next day pulling up. Just this last week she decided to let go while standing and then falls quickly. She also decided crawling up the stairs sounds like a fun idea. We have two small stairs going into our media room and she will crawl up them and then roll down. And repeat. She thought it was fun. Mommy did not agree.

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