Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend of Fun!

We have had a fun weekend. Since, last Wednesday we have had a sick baby. We are waiting on a few tests results. But as of today, she is still home with me. The last two weeks, she has had loose poo and on Wednesday we took her to the doctor to get checked out and she had blood in her poo. I am very sad and very worried and cannot wait for the results today. I would love a little prayer for her. The good thing, no fever and she acts perfectly happy. 

Our first ever pigtails. She hated me doing this to her hair, but when you are home with your sick baby, you play. 

Hanging out in Mommy's office. She is in a good mood and loving all the one on one attention she has been getting from both Mommy and Daddy. We are lucky, I work from home, so I can be flexible if need be and Michael's job is wonderful and lets him work from home when he needs it. 

Hi Mama, this is my modeling pose. You like?

She really loves ALL dogs but she loves her sissy the best. And now that Lil Miss is in the move Gabby just lays there and takes her abuse love. Gabby is really the best dog in the world and takes a lot from her siblings. 

Friday night we went to Target. Who doesn't love a Target run? Addison sure does. We took Mason to pick out a gift for his sister. That was difficult to say the least. He wanted everything, but he couldn't make up his mind. I think we will try again another day. 

He thought sissy could use a gun.

Counting all his money. He loves money and always asks EVERYONE for change. Even our friends, then he comes home and feeds his pig. So, Saturday he wanted to count it to buy something. 

We spent the day with our niece Saturday. Isn't she cute? She always asks me to braid her hair. It is good practice for when Addison's hair is long enough. This was my first time double braiding anyone's hair but my own. 

Saturday night, we did Family Game night. We are taking Mason skiing in January. So we played on the PS3 game where we ski. Mason loved it. He especially liked when the skier would fall down. I love this game it is a workout. My legs were burning after each turn. I am hoping Mason is better at really skiing then this game. 

Stuck behind the couch.

First time in a shopping cart. She tried to grabbed everything off the shelves. I am in trouble. 

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