Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow in the South

It is official. It snowed everywhere. I was really starting to wonder yesterday. I was hearing and reading that it was snowing in most of Arkansas. It wasn't snowing in Fayetteville. North of us, and south of us it was snowing, but not here. I love snow. We had lots of snow last year, and I am looking forwarded to seeing how my doggie reacts to playing in the snow. Well, about 6pm last night we got flurries. A little stuck to the ground, but not much. Gabby enjoyed trying to eat the flakes as they were falling, but since we didn't get much, she didn't really get to play.

I am hoping for one really big snow this year, and please let me be present for it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Shower

The day after Christmas, my SIL and I hosted a baby shower for our other SIL, and let me just say I would not recommend doing this ever (the day after Christmas). The hardest part was getting things done ahead of time. I had to pick up food, cake or in our case cupcakes, flowers all prior to the holiday. It just made the holiday a little crazier in my opinion. The baby shower on the other hand was nice. We had lots and lots of people in my house, also a little crazy. It was all worth it in the end. Since this shower was a family shower, it was nice to see a few people we missed during the holiday and my SIL got some very nice items. Instead of buying invitations I decided to make them. Below is an image of the invite. My BIL and SIL painted the baby's room in blocks, which gave me the idea for the different color blocks on the invite. I have some friends, who have been trying to encourage me to take up invitation creations as a side business. I am starting to think more seriously about this. I have been doing my own invites to parties and even our wedding for awhile now, and it is super fun. Maybe I should, maybe for a hobby? I don't know, we will see.


I love the holidays. I love spending time with my husband and all of my family. Cousins, aunts, uncles everyone was there this year. Since getting married things have to change, which means I don't get two days with my family I get one. I think that is by far the hardest part of joining two families. Michael and I had a very crazy holiday, but I have since learned all married couples have crazy holidays. We went to Fort Smith for a Christmas party on Christmas Eve Eve. My cousin and her hubby had people over to their house for a fun party. It would have gone all night, but I knew I had to get up early on Christmas Eve to visit with my best friend, who flew in from West Palm Beach. Sweet Bay!!!! For those who have not had the wonderful privilege of trying Sweet Bay Coffee in Fort Smith, it is by far the best coffee ever, and I don't like coffee. Mocha Shake!

My family does Christmas on Christmas Eve. My mom fixed a full on spread for lunch, turkey, dressing, mash potatoes, MONKEY BREAD, etc. After lunch, we all open our presents, and boy was it ever fun. I am the worst child ever, and my parents can never ever surprise me with gifts. Mainly because I always go shopping with my mom and I find things I want or like and she just buys it right then. Nothing wrong with that…at least I always get things I like. This year my parents surprised me with two great gifts, a new printer and a SHARK vac and steam. Both items I really wanted. The Shark is amazing and if you have tile or hardwood floors you definitely need to get one. I have used mine at least twice since Christmas. Michael got some great things from my family, and it was themed with the garage in mind. Michael goes crazy for an organized garage. He got some tools and a huge Craftsman toolbox. Our garage now looks even better than before. I think it was a good Christmas for my whole family, I still have to do one more thing for my brother, but since he just moved into his new house I couldn't do it for Christmas. He is going to get a one and only original photograph from me by me for his new house. He has picked one out, just got to make sure it will look good and what size. After opening all the presents we all and I mean all, parents, hubby, brother, and dogs were napping until we went to church at 5:00.

Church was wonderful. I love the candle light service with carols and seeing my church family is always a pleasure. After church, we all go over to one of my Aunt's house and eat and just spend time together. I love it. Most of my cousins have kids now and so I love just watching and playing with the kids. They always have the best faces for opening presents. The kids get the most attention and after the kiddos open all their presents, the adults do a secret Santa gift exchange. We all draw numbers and stealing will occur or did occur. Michael and I were the only ones whose presents got stolen from my cousin and her hubby. It was okay, that's what it more fun. It was a late night and I don't even think we made it back to my parents' house until midnight. Christmas day we woke up early (fairly early considering) and drove to Joplin. Michael's family gets together for lunchtime and they usually do a little for Michael's birthday. The day was going great until I got a call and text from my parents with a picture of my poor baby, Gabby, who was having face swelling. It took everything in me and Michael not to jump back into the car and go back to Fort Smith. She received some Benadryl and the swelling slowly went down.

So that was our Christmas summed up, now here are some pictures from the day:

My Dad being silly
My Big surprise Shark

Opening one of the toolboxes
Puppies get love too
Posing for the picture
Me and my bestie
My cousin wearing her mom's whig or one of them...long story but funny

This is what my poor baby looked like on Christmas Day

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