Friday, July 26, 2013

Confessional Friday– link up

Today is the Q&A confessional Friday link up with Blonde Ambition. 

1.   My worst fashion offense of all time has to be: I think I had a lot of fashion offenses when I was younger.  I wore a lot of t-shirts and jeans.  The t-shirts were typically too big and the jeans not cute.  I also didn’t really wear makeup until I was out of college.  My husband says I am getting better looking as I get older…haha. Only because I have found out how to dress and wear makeup.   

2.   The most embarrassing song on my iPod is probably: I am not embarrassed by any of my music.  I owe it and I am proud.  I do have pretty random music on my iPod.  I have Nine Inch Nails and then I have Taylor Swift.  Those don’t ever end up of the same playlist, but depends on my mood.

3.   The last white lie I told was: I told my husband I spent all day packing the house, when I really watched Royal Baby TV and played on the computer for at least half the day.  Come on I have a week between jobs.  

4.   The celebrity I most wish would disappear is: Kim Kardashian.  Bugs me.

5.   Sometimes I wish: I could win the lottery and travel the world with my husband and baby.  I would make sure Mason was introduced to all different cultures and food.  Oh the food would be GREAT! 

6.   My childhood crush was: I had a crush on lots of boys.  I think I might have been a little boy crazy.  But there was one boy in school who I had a major crush on.  Now, I have seen him and definitely no crush now.  Isn’t that how it works?

7.   I've never turned down: Tiramisu. EVER. And I judge every bite.

8.   Heights makes me a nervous wreck. I will panic every single minute.  Don’t expect me to ride a roller coaster that is the tallest in the world and if you take me up into a tall building I will be the one pressed against a wall.

9.   I'd rather watch paint dry than: Clean my bathrooms.  I hate it.  My husband promises in the next house I can hire a housekeeper.  I really just need someone to clean the bathrooms.  I almost turn into a 5 year old throwing a fit…but I DON’T WANT TO!

10.   Much like a train wreck, I can't turn away from watching: Trash TV. I mean any trash TV.  I will get sucked in so fast.  My husband is to blame.  He started getting me addicted to RHWNJ.  And then it just got worse.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4th of July

Delayed but not too late.  At least we are still in the same month right.  Michael’s brother and SIL were in town for a few weeks with their two kiddos, so for the 4th we spent some time at his Mom’s house hanging out with everyone.  We also shot off fireworks.  Mason did so good.  He actually fell asleep right before we shot them off and I was worried that he would be scared.  He woke up minutes before the noise.  He did great.  I think he was a little worried about the loud noise and he would scream at them, but he did great.  We didn’t have tears so I would say it was a success.  We also took lots of family photos.  It isn’t everyday that everyone is together in one place.

My cute hubby.4th of July_07_04_2013_2716I decided I wanted a change and went dark with my hair.  This is actually darker than my natural color, with some red.  I love it, but I am thinking we may have to lighten it soon.4th of July_07_04_2013_2717.NEFCrazy hair.4th of July_07_04_2013_2734.NEFThese two were born a day apart. 4th of July_07_04_2013_2739Mason and his Uncle Brad.4th of July_07_04_2013_2745Michael’s family. Brothers, niece and nephews and his mama.4th of July_07_04_2013_2754.NEFEveryone.4th of July_07_04_2013_2758.NEFMason was watching the bigger kids play with poppers and sparklers.  Next year buddy.4th of July_07_04_2013_2767.NEFOur nephew being silly.4th of July_07_04_2013_2776Our pretty niece.  She is a sweetie.4th of July_07_04_2013_2779.NEFSitting on the front porch enjoying the company.4th of July_07_04_2013_2806.NEF 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mason-Weeks 25 & 26

So you saw the pictures from our beach vacation.  That basically summed up Week 25.  We have been having lots of fun and I have been trying so hard to get caught up on blogging about Mason.  I do this for myself.  I want to remember everything, especially when I am old and cannot remember my own name. 

Mason has had a lot of firsts this month.  First 4th of July fireworks and his second.  First real orange.  First flight.  First hotel stay.  And first family vacation.  And FIRST TOOTH! He is sitting up on his own now and really wanting to crawl.  He turns currently to what he wants.  This happens a lot with Gabby.  He really loves petting her and grabbing her.  Gabby is great and has not snapped at him in any way.  We praise her constantly.  She usually just gets this look like really kid. 

Looking forward to: talking.  He does a lot of talking now, but no real words.  We wake up at night ALL the time to him laying in his crib jibber jabbering.  The other night he was screaming at the top of his lungs and then would just talk.  At first I thought something was wrong, but then realized he was just playing.  Crazy child.  What is really funny, is that he sometimes wakes up talks for 5 minutes and falls back to sleep.  I think he is going to be like his mama and never ever going to shut up.  

What?MasonAllen_07_19_2013_2976.NEFHe loves his piano.  MasonAllen_07_19_2013_2979.NEFSo happy!MasonAllen_07_19_2013_2983.NEFWhat’s up Mom?  He got into this position from sitting trying to get the tag.MasonAllen_07_19_2013_2992.NEFMason was jumping in his jumperoo and he was making lots of noise.  I looked up from working at my laptop because it got quiet and this is what I saw.  I laughed so hard, grabbed Michael and the camera and took pictures.  I then moved him to his bed.MasonAllen_07_20_2013_2998.NEFMason LOVES his Daddy, they are good buddies.MasonAllen_07_20_2013_3003.NEF

Spending the day with Mom and Dad…trying to buy a new house.image - CopyLaying in bed.image_1 - CopyTrying out a sippy cup.  Doesn’t quite understand it, but hey it works.image_4Playing at school.  Love how happy he always is at school.image_5I love his facial expressions.  He is definitely like his mama.image_7Yogurt at school…He loves to eat!image_8

Playing on the water table at 1Loving 2Check out this look.  Trouble!photo 3He is a big flirt. photo 4

Monday, July 22, 2013

Beach Vacation

At the beginning of July, Michael and Mason joined me on a work trip to Miramar Beach, FL.  It was Mason’s first family vacation and beach vacation.  It was Mason’s first time on an airplane.  He loved flying on the plane when I was pregnant, so I was hoping he would enjoy flying.  I travel a lot, so I want him to enjoy traveling as much as I do.  He DID GREAT!! He only got fussy when he was sleepy, but went down for naps and played on the plane.  Not even phased!  He loved the water and watching all the people.  I can’t wait until our next trip.  I am thinking we will take him to the mountains in January or February.  He is too young to ski, but we have to start him young!

Playing on the floor of the hotel.Beach_Vaca_07_07_2013_2830.NEFBeach_Vaca_07_07_2013_2833.NEFWalking around the hotel.Beach_Vaca_07_07_2013_2836.NEFMommy, where have you taken me?Beach_Vaca_07_08_2013_2842.NEFThe beach is a lot of fun!Beach_Vaca_07_08_2013_2852.NEFBeach_Vaca_07_08_2013_2854.NEFBeach_Vaca_07_08_2013_2856.NEFHanging out and loving every minute of it.Beach_Vaca_07_08_2013_2865.NEFOkay this beach is not bad.  Beach_Vaca_07_08_2013_2880.NEFAhhh! A wave is coming!Beach_Vaca_07_08_2013_2885.NEFHanging on to his Daddy for dear life.  It is amazing to me that at 6 months he knows to be afraid of the waves.Beach_Vaca_07_08_2013_2887.NEFMason and Mommy hanging out on the beach.Beach_Vaca_07_09_2013_2904.NEFHere is one of the fishes I caught.  I won biggest and most on my boat.Beach_Vaca_07_10_2013_2953.NEFI am hanging in the airport ready to be on the beach.  We used the Ergo for the flights.  I LOVE that carrier.  It is the greatest carrier.  Great on the back.IMG_2557Our first flight.  Mason slept through the entire trip to Florida.IMG_2562Laying in the bed.  IMG_2569Napping.  Mason took the best naps on vacation and slept great.  I think it was the heat.IMG_2575Cold water!IMG_2604Yummy orange.  He loves trying new things.IMG_2608looking out the window of our room.IMG_2611Why not chew on everything you can?IMG_2616Loving the beach and watching all the people playing.IMG_2618Laying in the bed.IMG_2625Sitting on the porch enjoying the weather.IMG_2633Yummy stroller!IMG_2636Mason and Michael are both completely over the delays.IMG_2638Having so much fun on the plane.  Mason loved it!IMG_2642Flying home…smiling at everyone around us on the plane.IMG_2644

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