Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mason-Week 15

The last week is just a big blur to me.  I was actually looking back through pictures thinking that didn’t happen last week.  We had something EVERY day/night last week.  It was a busy week and that’s why I am not sure what occurred.  I will just share some new pictures and hopefully I will remember what happened.   One important item…we have now gone 4 days straight of going to bed at 8pm and waking at 6am!! This is an improvement from 8-4!! Fingers crossed it continues.

Gabby is starting to get more and more protective of Mason.  She is staying close to him and me all the time.  IMG_1910This is Mason’s fat face.  I thought it was funny. IMG_1915Snuggle time during the time before Daddy gets home is the best.IMG_1921Mason has new motivation for rolling over.  It is the TV.  I position him where he cannot see the TV, as we don’t want him watching it, and this is what he does.  He has come VERY close to rolling over just to see the TV.IMG_1922Better angle of his face trying so hard to see that TV.IMG_1928We are able to lift our head so well now and we don’t scream every time we are on our tummy.  Thank goodness.IMG_1930Napping in his rock ‘n play during the day.  I just can’t help wanting to come and snuggle instead of working, but I will take a few minutes to watch this sweet boy sleep.IMG_1934Oh yeah that’s him actually getting an eye on that TV.  This was right before I turned it off completely.  Let me know if something important happens in the news. IMG_1941He doesn’t mind some Mommy time.IMG_1946Mason’s first ball cap.  He doesn’t really know what to think about it being on his head, but he didn’t cry so I believe he likes it.IMG_1951My morning boy is just always smiling.IMG_1959Throwing in a picture of Gabby after a long walk.  #firstbornIMG_1961Hanging out in my office playing.Mason_Allen_04_24_2013_2242Mason has really started looking at Gabby more.  He watches her play and run around now.  I think he definitely can see clearer.  Mason_Allen_04_24_2013_2250.NEFMason petting his sister.  Mason_Allen_04_24_2013_2252.NEFI just love the look I am getting from both of them. “Really Mom”Mason_Allen_04_24_2013_2255.NEF

Friday, April 26, 2013

why i blog…

Today I am linking up with Leslie over at http://www.blondeambitionblog.com/ on why I blog?

I started blogging back in 2008.  Michael and I were living in Chicago at the time.  My family and some close friends wanted a way to follow what fun things we were doing 700 miles away, so I created a blog.  The name has changed once and the reason I started isn’t exactly the same.  When I began blogging the only things I wrote about were trips, outings in the city, and other people.  Then we moved back home and I didn’t find it easy to write or have much to say.  I was busy planning a wedding and spending all kinds of time with family.  I should have spent more time writing it all down. 

Once 2011 hit, I was off and at blogging again.  This time I felt like I had a reason and I had something to say.  I wanted to have the memories, I wanted to be able to look back and remember exactly how I felt and what was going on at that time in our life.  I love taking pictures and it became a place for me to put those memories into one location.  It was still a place to remember all of our fun vacations, but it was also evolving into something more for me.  I have always tried to keep it positive.  I try not to voice my opinions (too much) and I definitely do not put my family drama out there, and there has been plenty of times I have wanted to vent on the blog.  Even though I haven’t vented, I have still gotten in scolded for things I wrote.  My blog is not the place for that. 

It is now changing yet again.  Last year, I became pregnant.  It is now becoming the memories of being a parent.  It helped me to remember what was happening each week while I was pregnant, and now it is going to help me remember all the fun things Mason does on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  I probably should have done more last year while I was pregnant and even before we got pregnant.  I probably should have shared about our struggles to get pregnant, or should I say, my struggles.  Michael was always positive.  I probably should have shared more about my struggles after pregnant…sickness, fainting, telling the world.  But it was just too hard to deal with at the time and then once I was pregnant I was exhausted and sick, so the only important thing to me was remembering the good moments of my growing mid section.

It will be so wonderful to someday, probably in the not so distant future, look back and see how little Mason once was or when he smiled for the first time, crawled for the first time, walked for the first time.  I already look back over the last 3.5 months and realize time has just gone by so fast.  I know I have a little boy, who will probably not care so much about how he was as a baby, but it will make me happy to know it is there for him, for Michael, and for me.  I cannot get enough out of looking back over the last 5 years, and the next 5 years are going to become more exciting as our family changes and grows.  I hope I can continue sharing my life with others, but I mainly do it for me.

I am sure over the next years, the blog will evolve more and more, but MarriedSperrys we will stay.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mason-Week 14

Mason started this week crabby, but quickly became a happy baby again! He is just getting so many new facial expressions.  I think his eye sight has gotten better.  He is looking around the room like he is going to miss something.  We have started a new stranger danger phase, which is odd.  I thought they started this when they were older.  He loves his Mommy and Daddy and just wants to be with us all the time. 

I love this look on his face.  Mason is up to something!Mason_Allen_04_12_2013_2186.NEFSoooo Sleepy! Check out that red tint to his hair.  I think he got this from his Papaw.Mason_Allen_04_12_2013_2196Getting ready to meet his cousin.  They are 5 months apart.  Continuing the family tradition.  My brother and two of my cousins are a few months apart. I have a cousin and he and I are 2 months apart in age. Mason_Allen_04_19_2013_2217Mason and his 2nd cousin Breck! They were best buddies or at least Breck was wanting to be his best buddy.Mason_Allen_04_19_2013_2219.NEFPre-game!Mason_Allen_04_20_2013_2221.NEFMy big boy, just getting bigger and bigger each day.Mason_Allen_04_20_2013_2223.NEFWhoooo Pig Sooie!Mason_Allen_04_20_2013_2227.NEFMichael, Mason, and I at the game.  Mason is sleeping right through the game and noise.Mason_Allen_04_20_2013_2232.NEFMy Mama, Daddy, Mason and I at the Red White Football game.Mason_Allen_04_20_2013_2235.NEFMason and Daddy hanging out.Mason_Allen_04_20_2013_2236.NEFYummy.  This little boy wants to lick and eat everything he can put into his mouth.Mason_Allen_04_20_2013_2238.NEF

Laughing at his Mama.

Grumpy Old Man.IMG_1860Happy Day!IMG_1871Big fat milk belly…Enjoying the ceiling fan!IMG_1884Cabbage Patch Doll.IMG_1885Checking out the ceiling fan…Gabby wanting the stay close.IMG_1892Drinking away…focused.IMG_1900

Monday, April 22, 2013


photo (4)I am going to start something new on Mondays.  We will call it Sleep Deprivation Moments Monday or SDMM.  From the crazy thoughts and feelings to the freak outs.  I am going to start compiling Michael and my crazy sleep deprivation moments. 

First, my baby sleeps great.  He gets up once a night to eat (usually).  It is normally around 4AM.  4AM is a very hard time of the night, and getting up at any point in the night and interrupting your sleep can cause your mind to do weird things.

My SDMM this week comes in the middle of the night.  Michael, my wonderful husband, and I take turns getting up with Mason.  This usually means we alternate nights, but sometimes if Mason wakes up and wants his God Awful Paci, we take turns there too.  So, it was Michael’s turn to get up with Mason and feed him.  I woke up when Mason first fussed and saw Michael get out of bed to get him.  I looked at the clock and it said 4AM (of course).  I slowly went back to sleep. 

Now here is the normal routine when we get up to feed Mason.  Plug him, go make bottle, feed him, burp him, change him, and put him back to bed.  This all takes about 30 minutes.  So, at 4:40AM I wake up to hear Mason making noise.  It is not a cry, just noise.  I sleep on my back so I can see a shadow to my left and I hear loud snoring.  I think, goodness it must be nice to be able to get back to sleep that quick after feeding Mason.  I then decided to check on the monitor to see what Mason was doing.  Sometimes he is asleep just making noise and other times it is the start to a cry.  I look at the video monitor into Mason’s crib and THERE IS NO MASON!! I wake up a LOT more in that second and look again.  NO MASON! Beginning to panic and thinking Michael in his SDM has left Mason on the changer or someone is trying to kidnap my baby.  I sit straight up in bed in the middle of a full on panic attack.  In the moment I sit up in bed, what do I hear.  Gabby…YES Gabby, getting up off Michael’s pillow with a shake. 

I instantly take a moment to calm down from my panic attack.  The realization that my dog not my husband was laying next to me snoring did not make me feel much better.  Both of them snore and on a good night one wouldn’t know which noise was which.  I got up and found Michael changing Mason’s diaper.  A happy husband and happy baby.  Michael looked at me and asked what was wrong.  Panic attack wasn’t completely over.  I told him what happened and he just laughed.  I laughed about it too.  He also proceeded to tell me it was 4:13AM when he got up to feed Mason.  30 minutes to the moment.  Oh well there is my crazy moment for SDMM. 

Happy Monday!   


Friday, April 19, 2013

Confessional Friday

I confess I cannot get enough pictures and videos on Mason. It is a daily craze to get a good picture.  This is the one from today:

photo (3)

I confess that I have actually started looking at ideas for Mason’s first birthday, which is still 9 months away. 

I confess at night I sometimes wake up and wait for Mason to make a noise, so I have an excuse to go look at him.  What makes this bad is that I have a camera with the feed on my phone, so I get to see him on there.


I confess I have been working on Gabby to let Mason lay on her for a picture.  I think it would be very very cute.  Every time I try Gabby lays there for a second and then gets these eyes like she is going to jump up.  My one successful try:


I confess working from home with your baby in the other room is SUPER hard.  I want to go love on him and play with him constantly.  I have to work very hard not to jump up every time he cries.  That’s why we have a nanny.  (AND SHE IS GREAT!)

I confess sometimes I am very thankful that breastfeeding did not work out for us.  It allows my husband to get up in the middle of the night with Mason and for me to sleep.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I am sending it back not too far to the year we got Gabby.  She was such a sweet baby and still is to this day.  I remember she cried for 2 weeks straight at night.  Poor baby missed her Mommy and siblings.  Now she is attached to her adoptive Mommy and Daddy more than ever.  She has a new brother in her life that she loves.  She misses the days where she got 100% of our attention, but she is still happy and very much loved.  People said once we had Mason things would change with Gabby.  I would like to say they haven’t changed too much.  Just as a family who added a second human baby, our dog child is adjusting great.  She loves on her brother whenever she can, and still gets to do all the things she loves too.  I can’t believe three years ago Gabby was this small.  053

Not sure who is taking who for a walk in this picture?047


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mason-Week 13

My big boy has had a very fun week.  He got to play with friends this weekend and our little ray of sunshine laughed a bunch.  He just gets happier and happier.  We have had some tummy problems, or at least that’s what we think.  He has had a few meltdowns, where we can’t calm him down.  It makes this Mama very sad and helpless, but after he cries and gets all upset he will still give me a big smile.  It is just true love. 

Someone loves to smile when I talk to him…IMG_1812He is loving putting everything into his mouth!IMG_1813We have started sitting in the highchair at dinner time.  He loves to play with his toys while we eat and talk to him.  Gabby is just waiting for him to share.IMG_1823Holding that head up like a champ!IMG_1826Mommy’s favorite time of the day!IMG_1831Early morning smiles.IMG_1846Mason is wearing his Daddy’s hat today, helping him get ready for a 5k.IMG_1849Mason super happy to be sitting with his friend Hadley.  Hadley’s Daddy said say cheese and Mason did as he said! IMG_1853This is his grumpy face.  We were not happy and not feeling good.IMG_1861Grumpy boy one day and Happy boy next day.IMG_1871


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