Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Goodbye San Diego Hello Arkansas

The last few days of my San Diego trip were fun and very busy. My hotel was in the downtown area and it overlooked the bay. I could have stayed on my balcony all day and watched the boats come and go. One afternoon I had a few hours to kill so I walked down the boardwalk area to an aircraft carrier. The boardwalk had tons of shops and food places to stop into. I got Michael some hot sauce at a place that only sold hot sauces. The area was all about the military. They had statues and tributes to the military around the aircraft carrier.
View from my hotel room
Me and Bob Hope
Can't tell if she had anything under

Friday morning I left San Diego bright and early to fly to Arkansas. I was so excited. Michael and I had tons of things to do; a wedding, our engagement pictures, cake tasting, and I got to see my cousin's new baby. Friday night we went to the Bride's parent's house for a cookout. It was tons of fun. Michael got to spend some time with his friends who he hadn't seen in a long time.

Saturday morning, we got up early early in the morning to go have our engagement pictures taken. I will write more on this later, once we get some pictures to show everyone. Saturday was Brad and Jodie's wedding. Michael was an usher and looked so handsome in his tux. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was extremely fun. Everyone danced and hung out until almost midnight. I wish I had taken my camera to the wedding, but I am sure other people have good pictures from the party.

Sunday was the day I was looking forward to all week. The day I got to meet the newest addition to my family, Ava Elizabeth Grady. She is the sweetest baby ever. Aden loves his baby sister, he would love her more if he still got all the attention, but he does love her. I brought him a present to make him feel special, a monkey with a baby monkey on it. Michael and I took Aden to my church picnic. They had a big slide and bounce around. He loved playing. Here are some pictures of baby Ava and Aden playing. Aden is going to have tons of girlfriends when he is older. When I dropped him back off at the house he gave me a big hug and told me he loved me. Melt her heart. He knows how to work the ladies already.
Me and baby Ava
He was giving her a kiss
Michael thought I was going to break her
He looks scared but he kept going back up
He had so much fun!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

San Diego

This week I am hanging out in San Diego. I am out here for a work trip but I have been trying to do some fun things too. I arrived early Sunday morning expecting to have a sunny day at the beach. Boy was I ever wrong. Someone should have told me that it was June gloom. I didn't come to California alone, a girl I work with came out early too. We decided to try and make the best of the cloudy, cold day and we went to the San Diego Zoo.

The zoo was enormous and it is found in the middle of downtown San Diego. We walked all over the place, and I actually think we got to see every animal in the entire park. I will say, I believe we saw some animals two or three times due to the fact we kept getting lost. They have tons of different creatures but my favorites were definitely the baby tigers and the pandas. The baby tigers were fun to watch, because they were very playful. They were chasing each other all over the place. The pandas were cool, well because they are pandas. I am glad we decided to take the nasty afternoon and turn it into a great day.
Monday, I went to our San Diego office. I had not been to this office yet so it was kind of like starting a new job, walking around getting to know faces to the people I have spoken with on the phone a hundred times. I hate being two hours behind the world. I am up at 4:30, hungry by 10:00 and ready to go home by 3:00 everyday. Last night we went and had sushi for dinner. I was so excited about fresh fish, plus by the time we got there I was so hungry I wanted to eat everything on the menu. The place we went was called Station Sushi and it was right off the beach. So, of course, right after dinner we decided to go down to the beach. This was day two of no sun but the beach is the beach and it made me happy. I was so impressed there were people in the water surfing and the water was cold and so was the temperature outside. Even though there was no sun it was still pretty outside.
Tomorrow is the beginning of our tradeshow downtown. I am excited mainly because we are staying right by the marina. Today shows hope for a sunny evening which I plan of spending watching a high school all star baseball game. Maybe the sun will be out tomorrow too. Crossed Fingers.

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