Thursday, November 21, 2013


I made this garland the other evening.  I thought I would share.  It was super easy to make.  I am in the mood for Christmas. I know most people hate when other people decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I don’t care.  I have only done the inside of the house.  The outside will be done after Thanksgiving.


All you need is Work Garland, deco mesh (3 different kinds), and ornaments.  I purchased all the items from Hobby Lobby in two different aisles.  The deco mesh and work garland are in the same aisle.  I had never heard of work garland (I know, what rock was I living under).  But I Googled had to make it and Work Garland it is.  BTW right now, Hobby Lobby has Christmas 50% off (this is basically every week).  I saw a similar garland at Sam’s Club last weekend and I spent half.  Fun!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We are in Trouble…

He looks oh so sweet and innocent.  BUT…this is a troublemaker.  20131105_15341020131106_19565820131106_195710What…I am not doing anything wrong here.20131106_195718Where the Gabby girl goes the boy is sure to follow!20131110_173756Eating eggs and cheerios and pancakes.20131113_183203Sharing with the Gabby girl.20131113_183245Finding new hiding spots.20131115_17234020131115_172356Totally not doing anything over here…go about your way.20131115_172551

Here is a fun video to share…Dancing baby.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kitchen Decorating

I love love love Christmas.  This year is especially exciting because it is Mason’s FIRST Christmas.  Awe.  It is going to be so fun.  I want to decorate the whole house every year to make it special.  Michael and I already have a fun tradition for tree.  We collect ornaments from places we have gone together.  I will touch on that in another post.  I could not wait until after Thanksgiving.  One, Thanksgiving falls a little later and if I wait until after, we will only have 26 or 27 days until Christmas.  Michael is going to be out of town next weekend, so we decided to put up the tree and some of the house décor this past weekend. 

Here are the pictures of my kitchen.  I like simple in the kitchen, mainly because we cook and prepare meals and crowding the counters is not a fun option. I also love just using simple ingredients…like candy.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Baby Shower Decor

So this past weekend, I co-hosted a baby shower and I helped with the décor.  I love doing that stuff.  I wanted to share.  We, of course, got the most of the ideas from Pinterest.  I will show the ideas and then what we ended up doing at the shower.

From Pinterest, the fireplace idea.Via Pinterest

The fireplace décor we did.  This Fireplace is 10ft long.  And the mantle is probably 3ft wide.  It made it a little difficult to decorate.

Ginny_Baby Showe_11_16_2013_3590.NEF

Guestbook, sign in idea.  This one was actually very easy to recreate.  My husband is crazy talented when it comes to drawing even though if you ask him he won’t declare it.Oh Boy! Baby Shower Guest Book by tammy.nietlingprovencher

Our guestbook picture.

Ginny_Baby Showe_11_16_2013_3602.NEF

This picture gave us a few ideas. We liked the idea of having burlap runners and hydrangeas in Mason jars.

Our tables.

Ginny_Baby Showe_11_16_2013_3598

Candy Table.

Ginny_Baby Showe_11_16_2013_3589.NEF

Gift Table.

Ginny_Baby Showe_11_16_2013_3593.NEF

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mason’s Room Do Over

We have been wanting to paint Mason’s room since we moved into the new house. It was a mint green color and even though it would have been perfect during the days I didn’t know I had a little boy growing in me.  Now that he is here and ALL BOY.  I wanted a paint his room and make it fun!




We painted the ceiling Naval from Sherwin Williams and North Star on the walls.  It is a blue gray color.  I am loving it.  We are going to make a few more changes.  This is the only room in the house without crown molding.  We are going to add it.  I am going to add an M or something behind the crib.  Finally, I am going to have Michael draw in glow in the dark paint (that does exist right) constellations on the ceiling.  Just some of the major ones. Then as Mason gets older he can learn about astronomy. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mason 10 Months

I spent last week gone, but my hubby was wonderful enough to get a picture of Mason on the day of his 10 Month mark.  I look through the pictures and laughed.  Those two boys in my life keep me happy.

What is this sticker that you put on me each month?Mason_Allen_11_08_2013_3571.NEFLaughing at his Daddy.Mason_Allen_11_08_2013_3578.NEFI think he is whining, but it looks like he is laughing really hard.Mason_Allen_11_08_2013_3579.NEFFinally a picture for his Mama.Mason_Allen_11_09_2013_3586.NEF 

Weight: He doesn’t have to go back to the doctor until later this month for his flu shot booster, but my professional opinion says he weighs in at 23+.  SO BIG.  My arm muscles are thanking him.   

Height: When we went into the doctor for his flu shot he measured at 30.5” and that was two weeks after he measured in at 29.5”.

Clothes: He is wearing everything 9-12 months or 12 months at this point.  Long and lean, some of the pants fit great in the legs but are bagging in the waist.  I think this will be a continuous probably for him.  

Eats: Loving everything.  Lately he has been wanting 4-7oz bottles during the day.  This was 3 bottles.  He must be growing again.  The other cute thing he does is if I am eating something here he comes mouth open expecting a bite.  He really can eat just about whatever I put in front of him.

Sleeps: Sleeping great.  10-12 hours a night. We fixed our little slip up sleeper by cutting some teeth and getting back into our ROUTINE!!  Routine is the key to a happy good sleeper or at least in our house.

What he is enjoying: Walking, talking, playing, dancing! What is he not into these days.  He is into the cabinets in the kitchen.  He is officially no longer army crawling.  I think he finally figured out that on all fours he can pull up to anything.  I mean anything.  Walls, doors, whatever he wants.

Teeth: We have 6 teeth!! Yay! He finally got his top middle ones and doesn’t look like a vampire anymore.  I think he is cutting molars or something because the drool has been crazy lately.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran’s Day

Thank you to anyone who has served or is serving.  DC2010_617.NEF


Friday, November 1, 2013

Mason’s First Halloween

We had fun handing out candy for Mason’s first Halloween.  Mason would stand at the window and squeal at the kids.  Our nephews came over in there cute outfits and helped us with our 15 trick or treaters.  We did take Mason to one house and rang the doorbell.  We didn’t want to be those people who bring there baby and want candy for the kiddo who obviously should not eat it.  Mason, Gabby and I dressed up.  Next year the whole family will be dressed up and ringing doorbells.

Mason in pure hipster fashion…had three outfit changes for Halloween.  This is what he wore to school.Mason_Halloween_10_31_2013_3531.NEFWhen he came home this is what we changed him into.  He was wanting his Mama in this picture.  He really wanted a bottle at this point.Mason_Halloween_10_31_2013_3536.NEFGabby coming to tell Mason it is all okay.  That she will protect him from the kids in scary outfits.Mason_Halloween_10_31_2013_3542.NEFCrazy Big Eyes!Mason_Halloween_10_31_2013_3544.NEFGlasses off…He is waving Hi to Daddy. Mason_Halloween_10_31_2013_3557I love his face…why is he still taking our picture.Mason_Halloween_10_31_2013_3561.NEF

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