Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary today to my wonderful parents!  With over 30 years of marriage under their belt they are an inspiration to how a marriage should be.  They have loved me and taught me so much about life and family.  They are spending the day at the lake and I can’t wait to go down tomorrow and spend some time with them, as well.  Love you!!



Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Wednesday, June 29th

My cousin just had her birthday!!! Kelly is like my sister. She is my ONLY girl cousin on both sides. (1st cousin) I grew up looking up to her my whole childhood. She helped me get into plenty of trouble, but was always there for me. I know she will always be that way for me. Kelly has a wonderful husband and two great kiddos, who I love!! I won’t share how old she is, because a lady NEVER shares her age. Happy Birthday!




Happy Hump Day!

Who doesn’t love holiday weeks? Michael and I are excited about this weekend! But before I tell about all our weekend plans…

Last night, I drove down to Russellville. One of my old co-workers was in the great state for a few days and I couldn’t resist seeing her. I really miss having her to talk to about work almost everyday. She was a great mentor and made sure I was always doing things in the best way. Plus I love her cute little hubby and his super awesome hats. They came to my wedding last year. She left the company before the entire sales team was let go and it was especially sad for me to not work with her. But hey, she travels all the time and I travel a lot, our paths are due to cross again! We ate dinner at Whatta-Burger. I love them. Well, I love milkshakes and they have good ones. After dinner I drove back to Fayetteville. It isn’t a bad drive, only an hour and a half. I actually enjoyed the drive back. It is a good time to think in the car alone with the music blasting. The sun was setting and the sky had some really pretty colors. This is a picture I took with my iPhone. It doesn’t do the sky justice. sunset

This weekend!!! I am so excited! Michael and I are planning to take off early Friday and go to the lake!! Fourth of July Lake time is the best. Fireworks and friends and family. We plan on spending Friday-Sunday at the lake coming back Sunday, at some point. The lake fireworks will be on Saturday night and we will be having a big dinner party with all the lake people. Just means lots of alcohol and food for the weekend! I am sure Michael, my Dad, and I will be fishing Saturday and Sunday morning. I am so determined to catch something this next time! Monday, our friends and neighbors the Eikenberry’s are having a big party at casa de Eikenberry. After lunch and hanging out, we plan on moving that party to the Naturals ballpark, The Naturals are our minor league baseball team, for those who didn’t know. Baseball and another fireworks display! Can’t wait!

Since, I won’t be blogging until Monday or Tuesday, I will leave you with this video. My dog, Gabby, got in big trouble yesterday and she knew it! I was about to leave and grabbed 2 treats for her. I set them on the kitchen table on top of a towel. She followed me around at first thinking I had them, but realized I didn’t and went on a hunt. She found them and helped herself to her treats.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gabby’s Pretty Tutu

I am not a mean Mommy.  But my dog is extremely tolerant of all things annoying.  She lets little kids pull her ears and tail with no reaction, she allows little kids to poke her in the eye and holds perfectly still.  When little kids fall on her, she doesn’t react, but with a kiss in the face.  I say that she is tolerant of all things annoying because we bug her all the time.  We lay on our baby and throw her down and ruff house, without a single bite from Gabby.  So, this weekend one of our good friends taught me how to make a tutu.  Yes, I made this for my dog.  It will be the perfect gameday outfit this fall.  HAHA!  I am now going to be able to make them for all my friends who have little girls. 

Doesn’t Gabby look soooo cute!165My sweet baby cuddles with her Daddy160

Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Trees

A few months ago, Michael and I went to the Bentonville farmer’s market.  They were giving away a few different trees for free.  I was wanting new trees for our yard and we were going to buy two this year for the backyard.  So, to my excitement Michael received an email with the details and we went.  We got two maple trees for the backyard, and while walking around the market, another group was giving away sticks.  Yes, it was a stick and according to the lady it was a Red Bud tree.  I laughed and took it home to be planted.  I was just excited to have trees, and was VERY hopeful that they would live.  So, see below for my before and after tree photos. 

I also wanted everyone to see how many colors of the gladiolas I had growing.  Each time one blooms a new color I get more excited.  This weekend I decided to stake my flowers.  Some were leaning really bad.  I am thinking I didn’t dig deep enough holes for my bulbs, but staking has made a huge improvement in looks.  You can’t even see the stakes, especially from the road.   

Stick Tree (Red Bud)Stick Tree (Red Bud)065

Garden_06-27-11_1991.NEFRed Bud Tree Now062Maple Tree First PlantedGarden_06-27-11_1993Maple Tree NowGarden_06-27-11_1995.NEFI currently have 5 different colors bloomingGarden_06-27-11_2001.NEFMy favorite bloom right now.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Spicy Crab Pasta

I love crab!  I could eat it all day everyday.  My current company is based in Seattle and what does Seattle have a lot of…Fresh Seafood.  So, I had some King Crab legs at my house and decided for dinner I was going to make something with it.  I thought about crab cakes, but decided the recipes I found sounded hard and I even saw one had a how to video with it.  Obviously I am not skilled in the kitchen and decided I would have to find something else.  I decided to make a spicy pasta. 

Michael and I both love spicy food.  We can’t get enough of the Hot foods, and usually items aren’t hot enough for us.  Well, our dinner the other night was HOT!  I felt bad after Michael took a bite and started making a face and grabbing the water.  I thought, it can’t be that bad.  Well, it was definitely HOT, but we both ate it.  I would cut out some of the red peppers the recipe called for in the end.  The bow tie pasta was yum and the sauce I made was really good, minus the fire coming out of it.  See recipe at the bottom.  I altered it for the safety of my readers and took the red peppers down several notches. 

crabKing Crab-HUGE


  • 1 package Bow Tie pasta
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 6 oz crabmeat (more if you love crab)
  • 1 can peeled and diced tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoons red pepper flakes
  • 1 tablespoon garlic salt

Cook the bow tie pasta according to the package.  In a saucepan, melt the butter.  Then add the can of tomatoes, red pepper flakes, and garlic salt.  If the crab is already cooked add it when the pasta is almost done to warm throughout.  You can buy canned crabmeat or pick up some legs and pull the meat out yourself.  Also I typically do not add additional salt or pepper, because it can be added on a person to person basis, and everything has tons of salt in it already.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

Have you ever heard of this?  Well, I have heard of it, but I have never known someone to get it.  Apparently there is a small outbreak of it going on in Hawaii.  It is also something that apparently is harder for adults to get, because we have better immune systems then little kids.  My little best Hawaiian friend has possibly been exposed to someone, who has the disease.  Yikes!!  I heard this from my bestie this morning, and of course proceeded to look up the disease. 

According to the Hawaii Department of Health website, “Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a viral illness characterized by the appearance of sores inside the mouth. The sores usually appear on the inside surfaces of the cheeks and gums, and on the sides of the tongue. The sores can also appear on the hands, especially on the palms and fingers, and on the soles of the feet.” ( Keep your fingers crossed that Schuylia (pronounced Skylia) won’t get sick.  Hopefully her little immune system is super duper strong.  Veronica, her mommy, is preggers right now and her hubby is away, so we definitely don’t want them to get sick.  Mommy or Skye.  Since, Vee is preggers her risk is always a little higher to catch stuff, so think about them over the next 3-6 days, and hope it doesn’t develop into anything!!


Check out how cute my best little Hawaiian friend is playing in her laundry basket.  By the way, her Aunt Jennifer bought her that shirt.  It says, “I love my Auntie.”  HAHA!  And yes she does love me.  We Skype almost every single day.  I am glad my husband is so understanding.  Veronica and I always joke that our husbands are very understanding of our relationship and they tolerate us.  We talk everyday or close to it and we tell each other every detail.  It is not uncommon for the husbands to come home and ask how the other is doing.  Veronica and I have always had a wonderful friendship, even though the majority has been spent over the phone we are very close.  I can’t wait to see this little face in person, and shower it with kisses!  And I can’t wait to hang out with Veronica and Shane (and baby on the way) in just a few short long months.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Play Date

Last Thursday, I had a little Play Date.  It was a blast.  I went and picked Stella up from her babysitter that lives in our neighborhood.  Stella then came over to my house and we played with Gabby.  We also watch a little Baby Einstein on YouTube and even colored with the coloring pencils.  Thank goodness, we have toys and colors at our house.  A while back my parents gave me all my old ducks in a tub and boy do they come in handy when our friends bring over their kids.  Gabby is usually pretty good at entertaining kids and loves to make friends.  Stella especially loves Gabby, and Gabby loves her in return.  I got some really fun pictures of Stella coloring.  She also went shopping that evening with my friend Megan and I.  She did so good at the mall or should I say in the Buckle, as that is the only store Meg and I made it into.


How Cute is this little Face? I told her to smile.Stella_06-16-11_1801.NEFStella_06-16-11_1804.NEFStella_06-16-11_1810.NEF

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friend in Town

Last week, my friend Megan was in town for a wedding.  She stayed the night with us Wednesday and Thursday.  I want my friend to move back to Fayetteville or at least close enough that we can share closets.  When she lived in Fayetteville after college, we were always raiding the others closet.  Thursday night we went shopping and we both liked the same shirt.  It made me sad, we both bought the shirt.  I told her if she still lived here only one would have purchased it and the other would borrow it.  Boo.  Waste of money. HAHA!  Almost all of my girl friends live away from Fayetteville, so having her in town was fun!!

We went out to La Huerta for dinner one night and it was fun.  Megan invited friends and we all hung out and ate some good Mexican and drank some yummy Margaritas.  I miss having my friend around all the time.  Maybe someday she will move back, maybe.  I will continue to keep my fingers crossed, but won’t hold my breath.  It was so nice to sit around and catch up in person.  We talk on the phone almost everyday, but it isn’t the same as being in person.  I was sad that she had wedding stuff all weekend, but it was probably good, since it was Father’s Day.  I spent Wednesday-Friday morning with my friend and then didn’t even get to see her off.  I was at the Lake with my Daddy.  Oh well.  Hopefully she will get to come home again soon. 

Here are some pictures from out La Huerta visit.  She will kill me because she has no makeup on.  She had an eye thing going on, so she didn’t want to irritate it prior to the wedding.    



Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

I love summer! This weekend was of course Father's Day weekend and it was spent at the lake with my Daddy. We got to the lake late Friday night and just had dinner and played cards with my parents. Michael lost another spades game. He still has yet to win, and we have tried every combination of teammates. Saturday morning my Dad, Michael, Gabby, and I went out on the boat to let Gabby have some doggie water time. Plus it was too nice not to get out on the boat. My Mom couldn't go with us, she broke a rib (or two) a few weeks back. Gabby had SOOOO much fun, but this was the first time to swim off the boat, and it took her a few tries to learn the ladder will help her get into the boat. She is now an expert ladder climber. I think it made her nervous swimming in the open lake, but it probably didn't help that we weren't in the water with her. After letting her swim and play for awhile we went back for some lunch and to pick up my brother. Mom is amazing and we had tamales for lunch yum yum! I don't why I didn't get the cooking genes from my mom.
Taken with the iPhone, but I love how Gabby is posing.

After lunch we went back on the water and all of our friends were out too. I took a nap on the boat, per my usual. Something about the sun and the waves makes me sleepy. Gabby stayed back with her Grandma and Aunt Callie (dog). After hours on the water we went back for dinner. Mom yet again brought out the good stuff with some yummy ribs. Those were gone in about two seconds. I think Gabby appreciated the bones. After dinner the lake was like ice, so we grabbed the dogs, and my mom this time and drove up the river. Ouachita River. Callie didn't like the boat and we had to try really really hard to keep Gabby from jumping off into the water. I love how the lake looks at sunset. Smooth. It once was my favorite time to wakeboard. Man I miss doing that.
Getting ready to go out for the second time in one day!

Sunset boat ride. She loves the front.

Callie was scared and we took turns holding her, but Gabby was loving it.

My Dad is in his element.

Ahhh Heaven! Please excuse my dog's nasty eye...she has a scratch on her cornea.

I like this picture, even though I have no makeup on.
Sunday morning, we got up early and went fishing with my Dad. I think that's what he really wanted to do all weekend. Michael caught some fish, and Dad and I each let one get away. Boo. We enjoyed the hours on the water in the morning fishing, even though the fish weren't as excited. We went to lunch at a burger place in town and it was good, but not as good as ribs. After lunch, Michael and I loaded up the car and headed back up to Fayetteville. Gabby was soooo exhausted from her very active weekend and so was I.
Michael working on his HUGE fish

It's a big one!! HAHA

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hawaii Planning

We are soon to be off on another adventure to Hawaii. This time my parents, my brother, and of course Michael and I are all going to Hawaii this fall. I am so excited for several reasons. The main reason is that I cannot wait to share and show my family why Michael and I love Hawaii so much. We also get to see my childhood friend, Veronica, her baby and her hubby. This trip has been in the works probably since the first time I went to Hawaii. I told my parents we all definitely needed to go together, and after I went this last fall, I told them "next year, next year!" So, we began the thoughts and planning the trip.

I had tons and tons of ideas, places to go and things to see. I knew I wanted them to go to Oahu and see Pearl Harbor. And I wanted to go to the Big Island and see the volcano and observatory. I watch travel channel too much and that observatory looks too cool at night. A few months ago we started looking into houses and hotels to stay at while on both islands. Before we could book any places we had to get our flights booked. The dates were the easiest part of this process so far. After the flights were booked it was officially time to get the house booked for the Big Island and a hotel for Mom, Dad, and Eric for Oahu. Michael and I are going to stay at Veronica and Shane's new house on Hickam. The plan is to stay 4 nights in Oahu and then fly to the Big Island for 4 nights. Michael found our house for the Big Island. It is wonderful. Here is a youtube video of the view from the house.
I can't wait to stay and stare out. It has a rooftop deck that I am sure I will be enjoying. Michael found it here on HomeAway.

Next, we haven't booked anything yet, but we have started the conversation of activities. Helicopter ride over the volcano, definite yes. Pearl Harbor, definite yes. (I can't wait to go there again) Luau, of course! Observatory, wouldn't miss it for the world. North Shore/Dole Plantation, oh yeah. I can't wait to show my parents the waterfalls and maybe take them on a hike to a few. We will see several during our helicopter tour, but there is nothing like hiking through the rain forest and seeing one up close. Well I will keep everyone posted on the activities we do and places we go, and I will probably spend plenty of time writing and taking a million pictures again this trip. I guess I will get off and do some work, while I am sitting at this airport in Columbus.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I am off on another work trip.  I love my airline miles.  When leaving for this trip I was thinking I had never been to Columbus.  I was excited to add another location to my long list of places I have visited.  When I arrived to Columbus, it all came back to me.  I have been here before.  I actually came here for a client presentation last year.  It is sad when you remember an airport and not the city.  Now I think that is a bad sign or a sign that I have been to one too many places.  I can't remember where I have gone.  Oh well.  I am staying in Easton.  It is very nice, we are located right next to a shopping mall that reminds me of the area Michael and I lived near in Chicagoland. 

Tonight I am going to dinner with a friend of the family.  She is working here this summer doing an internship.  I hate traveling and eating hotel food or going to a restaurant alone.  So, I am very happy that she is coming up to have dinner with me.  She will be great company as always. I will be home on Tuesday, so this will be a short trip.  It is always a little nicer when I don't have to spend too much time away from my hubby and puppy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Garden Update-Some Flowers

In March, I worked on our front garden as a project. I personally do not have a green thumb, but I want the green thumb’s garden. So, I worked really hard getting rid of some dead plants and making the garden look nice. I planted three different kinds of bulbs and two of the three have grown and one of the three is already blooming. YAY! I am not a complete failure when it comes to gardening. My gladiolas have bloomed and right now I have a white, red, and pink one open. I thought we were just going to have red and white, but apparently not. Can’t wait to see what other colors our front garden will have. I do have to say, Michael did not have the greatest confidence in my gardening skills, but they have been redeemed. Maybe next year he will let me try a veggie garden again. Here are some pictures of the before and after. I will add more as my other plants grow and bloom.
After the planting but before growth
YAY for plants growing

Front pre-flowers
Flowers! ignore the grass it needs to be mowed

Other Front Garden Area
Two of three growing

Pink one

White Glads with a little pink

I love my anniversary flowers!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend came and went so fast that I almost forgot the happenings of that weekend. I think it was more the fact that it was fun filled and made for a busy short work week. Of course we went to Lake Ouachita. I was desperate for some relaxing lake time. AND I got it.

It was the perfect weekend minus one factor…the water was freezing. Thanks to all the rain the lake was up and the water cold. Thank goodness the temperature outside was perfect. Not too hot. Michael and I love going to the lake with my family. It is never just my family down there. My parent’s friends and their kids, who are my friends, are always there too. We got down late Friday night. After work, we drove to Fort Smith and picked up my brother. He was the lucky one who got to sit in the backseat with Gabby. I was a little worried about Gabby. She does not like riding in the car, so for this long trip we gave her some medicine. The medicine did not work. Oh well. Gabby loves the lake, so I knew she would be happy once we got there. Friday we ate and just hung out.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were all spent on the boat. The evenings were spent with friends and family eating and enjoying each other’s company. The lake is definitely a getaway place. No cell service, no internet (sort of), and no society. Gabby has her friend and we have ours. This trip to the lake was the first time we ever took Gabby out onto the boat. She was in doggie heaven. I was concerned she wouldn’t like it, because she doesn’t like the car. I was dead wrong. Gabby the no fear boat dog was all over the place. My parents own a party deck, and Gabby would have let her little paws hang off the front of the boat if I would have let her. Her Daddy did let her hang her paws off the side and stare down at the wake. The day we took her out, we drove up the river and the blue herrings were everywhere. My bird dog really thought she could get to them. Each time one would take flight Gabby would run to the front and put her paws up and just stare. I would have to grab her, because a few times she jumped to the front like she was going off the boat into the water. Hopefully our next trip in a few weeks will involve Gabby doing some swimming like she did this last weekend at Beaver. I didn’t take many pictures during the weekend, but here are a few.
View from the porch
Lake View


This one had a red throat

Click to make larger

Miss Sue's new puppy Ava

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