Friday, August 29, 2014


It is here! College Football season started last night. We watched multiple SEC games last night and this little boy was so excited about football. On commercial breaks Mason would say more more more…poor kid definitely doesn’t understand why football can’t be free of commercials. Me too buddy…me too. That’s why we have season tickets to the Razorback games. I think this year he might still be too young to go to the games but next year for sure. The problem with taking him this year would be he wouldn’t want to sit still for 3 hours. He could probably make it an hour, but that’s it. 20140827_183640Every Friday is Big Red Friday. This morning, Michael snapped this shot of Mason and I ready to support the Hogs on this first Big Red Friday. I love Mason’s smile. He was laughing at me. He loves to eat his fingers right now. Two bottom molars coming in at the same time. I kept pulling them out and apparently that is funny.  IMG_20140829_084705Enjoy Football and Labor Day Weekend! We will be football watching, and having friends over Saturday to swim and watch the Razorback/Auburn Game. Now time to reach out to my colleagues in AL and get some SEC predictions.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fire Station Visit

On Sunday morning, we took Mason along with his best friend, Maddox, to go visit a local fire station. I have been wanting to take Mason for awhile now to visit my cousin in Fort Smith at the local station there, but we haven’t made it to Fort Smith in forever. I was mentioning this to my friend, who is Maddox’s mama, and she told me her BIL works at the big one in our area and that we should all go. I said lets do it. So, we made plans to go visit him this last weekend.

These boys, absolutely loved everything. They were running from truck to truck. Button pushing and laughing. It was so adorable to watch their excitement over something so small/big. This is my favorite picture ever. I just love the smile on Mason’s face. Pure excitement over driving and pushing buttons. Sign this kid up. Fire Station_08_24_2014_5429.NEFMason mid excited dance. It is a big truck!!Fire Station_08_24_2014_5434I think this is my second favorite picture from the day. Fire Station_08_24_2014_5439.NEFRiding in the ambulance. Mason really wanted to push all of the buttons. The guys were not worried one bit, but I could just see him breaking something. Fire Station_08_24_2014_5443.NEFMason was not too sure about the inside of the fire truck. He did find the flashlights.  Fire Station_08_24_2014_5448.NEFThat hat weighed as much as he did easy. Fire Station_08_24_2014_5449.NEFMore buttons. He is telling Maddox’s daddy to sit. Fire Station_08_24_2014_5452.NEFJoy. These two running and laughing. I think there favorite things in the fire station were orange cones and the red brooms. These two would have cleaned the whole place if we had let them. Fire Station_08_24_2014_5454.NEF

Friday, August 22, 2014

Confessional Friday

I am doing some confessing today.

1. I confess this has been the longest week of my life. I had a 20 hour day on Monday. Traveling to and from MN. I wanted to try to do it in a day, but man that was rough. Then on Tuesday, Michael and I had dinner plans, and it lasted until 10. I needed a break, but with a toddler breaks do not exist.

2. I need a long nap. I have been debating playing hooky all week today. Maybe I can just convince my boss I need to take off early today. She would probably let me. Plus I have about a million meetings today.

3. Are you ready for fall? I am dying to wear boots, sweaters, and I am beyond ready for FOOTBALL TO BEGIN!!! Yay Football!! Mason is excited about football too. He saw an NFL game the other day and stopped and said Football. I thought how do you know that is football?

4. Pretty sure I want Fall to arrive, but I want to swim in our pool until October. Can I have both? I know Mason and Gabby both want to swim everyday forever. 20140820_174207

5. I may or may not be counting down the days until Razorback Football begins. I am already planning my outfits. In case you were wondering…8 days!!!! We have season tickets and tailgate. Our babysitter has been booked for over a month for EVERY.Single.Game.

6. I may or may not be also counting down the days, hours, minutes until we go on vacation! St. Thomas here we come. I am beyond excited and we have some friends coming with us, which makes it that much more fun!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Evil Word…Mine

Every Mom knows the word and hates the word MINE. Mason has exploded in the last week or so with everything is MINE. It is driving me crazy! If I have something he wants he starts screaming Mine Mine. I always calmly say this is Mommy’s and she is currently using it. You may use it when I am done if you ask nicely. This normally entails a series of pleases and then Mine again.

The other day, I took my hair out of the ponytail to readjust and here comes the little Mine boy, telling me he wants the hair tie. I just gave it to him and then he proceeded to tap his head and pull his hair to tell me he wanted to wear it. It was cute. So I kindly helped him out.


Now I know what a little Sperry girl would look like with short hair. He thought it was so fun and kept it in his hair for all of 5 minutes before he wanted to wear it on his wrist. Obviously my kid notices a lot. I almost always wear a hair tie on my wrist. A little blurry picture of him playing with his hair. My life is all about the blurry cell phone pictures. He is too fast for me.  20140816_151918

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mason 19 Months

20140810_093107Weight: We went to the doctor last week to get his Hand, Foot and Mouth disease looked at and he weighed in a 28lbs. I feel like he is a little chunk. I love it though!!

Height: They also checked his height and had grown. 34.5” tall. He has been sleeping a lot lately and I think he is growing again. This poor boy is going to be so tall once he is done. 

Eats: We are getting a little pickier! I gave him rice and chicken the other day and he ate some of the rice and ALL of the chicken and then asked for more chicken even though he had plenty of rice left. He loves chicken…love it! Not a bad thing. 

What he is enjoying: The pool. He loves the pool and playing outside. I love that he prefers to be outside than inside. I love going outside and Michael loves going outside, so of course it is great that Mason loves it too. He is loving all thing ball…baseball, football, golf. Balls! The other day he was running, playing chase and stopped dead when golf on TV caught his eye and he said BALL!!!! It was so adorable! 

Teeth: 16 teeth. He just cut his last k-9 THANK GOODNESS!! But now those darn molars are becoming trouble. My kid has become a biter. Driving me crazy. He will bite and say I bite. He knows better. Then he gives a huge and says I so sorry. It is cute and bad all at the same time. 

Talking: Repeater Mason. You want him to say anything he will. I love it. That is my favorite part of the toddler life. I love having them say funny things. He knows what to say and when to say. Then he laughs a lot. 

What’s new this month? My baby is a huge sponge. He loves everything and everyone. He is getting shy. He loves to wave at people and say Hi, but if they wave back or talk he hides his cute little face. Fun!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Busy, Fun Weekend

We had a very fun, but busy weekend. Friday night we went down to Fayetteville to visit some friends. We were minus one kiddo, but the two that were left had a blast. We played, ate dinner, the kids went fishing, stayed up “late”, and we just had easy night of adult time…with two toddlers. Driving down the interstate the 20 minutes to our friends house, was very entertaining. Mason was petting Gabby the whole time, which was so sweet. While driving I noticed a guy driving, drinking a Smirnoff ice. I was disturbed by this and told my husband we should have snapped a picture. First, drinking and driving…BAD!!! Second, what MAN drinks Smirnoff Ice!!!
IMG_20140808_164947Mason caught his first fish with his Daddy Friday night. Michael said he actually reeled it in and then proceeded to swing the rod around crazy child. Obviously Daddy is more excited in this picture than Mason. IMG_1052
On Saturday, I had an appointment in Fort Smith, where my parents live. I took Mason and drove down for the day. I wanted to give Michael some time to work on a project he has been wanting to do for me all summer. Nana gives the best snacks and the best snuggles. We left a little earlier than expected when we had a break in the storm that popped up in the afternoon. Poor Papaw didn’t get as much time as Nana.  20140809_142010Here is my new 8ft box for all the pool supplies. This is the first full summer with the pool, and I realized early on that we needed something to store all the toys, tubes, and kreepy krauly supplies. I found directions to make a box and my husband agreed it would be my Mother’s Day present. It is August and it is Complete! A few months late, but we are busy people, so I will take it!!20140810_112110Just needs a few more touches. I am thinking about getting some yellow cushions for the top to make it like a bench for sitting. I might wait until everything summer goes on sale or wait until beginning of next summer. 20140810_201728
On Sunday, Mason took a 4 hour nap! 4 HOURS!!! This was after he slept in until 8AM! Must be growing. Michael, Gabby, and I spent the entire afternoon by the pool. Gabby loves this time with her Mama and Dada. 20140810_141356Come back into the pool Mom! I am ready. I got my second, third wind. 20140810_143135I am laying out, watching the hubby and Gabby play. The goal was to get some water out of the pool from the rain. Gabby helped a lot.  20140810_143719After Mason, FINALLY woke up from this nap, and came out to swim with his Daddy and sister. I got a video of them all jumping into the water together. Gabby last to go rescue everyone else. If only she was really helping!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cute Video Alert

We have been practicing our batting skills. He love to get his bat and takes my hand to show me the balls. Mommy play baseball with me! I love it! Did I ever mention I am a tomboy. Oh yeah, this mama will be playing sports with her kiddos. 
Just to show off his mad pool skills...Here is a video of Mason jumping into the pool. He is so brave, which is scary to this mama. He is getting good at kicking his feet and going where he wants to go. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sick Boy

Where did this week go? We have spent two days with a semi sick kid. I say semi, because according to the doctor he isn’t contagious, but he does have Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. So he has the rash. He didn’t get the fever this time. Last year, in June, he got it TWICE!!!! It was awful. Spotted and fever boy. This week has been bad, he has it in his mouth. He has sores inside his mouth which is making eating not really happen. He would nap with me…yay for snuggles…but when he would wake up he hurt and he would cry and cry for 30 minutes. Nothing this mama could do. I tried everything. He would just lay on me and cry. Most of the time he acted 100% okay. He wanted to play, swing, and swim. Mason could do anything he wanted as long as he was happy.

Loving on his Mama. We spent two days like this. I will take it. 20140806_095929After crying for 30 minutes, we took a car ride to the pool store. I had to get him this because he was in love with it. I couldn’t take anymore crying. 20140806_12365920140806_150139You can kind of see his spots around his mouth and the one big one on his tongue. 20140806_160903Trying to be just like his Daddy. He is so cute!20140806_170835Swing in his little swim diaper. I just love a little swim diaper baby. 20140806_190013

Monday, August 4, 2014

Gentry Safari

We took Mason and his little best friend to the Gentry Safari this past weekend. We have been wanting to take these boys all summer, and finally found the time. I am so glad we did this. These boys had a blast. Mason would scream with excitement every time he saw a new animal. He was so funny to watch. He also had no fear of the animals. I think it is because he has a big dog and the animals there were just a version of his big dog. His favorite animal that he was most comfortable with was the kangaroos. He wanted to hug them and make friends with them. No Fear!

Gentry_08_02_2014_5300.NEFGentry_08_02_2014_5310.NEFI was holding Mason’s back from hugging the kangaroo. The worker said he is so brave. Yeah…that’s my kid…no fear. Gentry_08_02_2014_5326.NEFWe have been working on greeting new animals. Hand out…no grabbing!Gentry_08_02_2014_5330.NEFThis guy was so pretty. He showed off for his lady friends too while we were there. Gentry_08_02_2014_5343.NEFGentry_08_02_2014_5359.NEFGentry_08_02_2014_5362.NEFGentry_08_02_2014_5364.NEFFeeding the animals. You can feed them bread and Mason was very good at giving the bread to the animals, but also good at feeding himself. Gentry_08_02_2014_5379.NEFGentry_08_02_2014_5383Okay, so this might have been my favorite part. These guys were fun. They let us pet them and then we went inside and were able to feed them. Gentry_08_02_2014_5389.NEFI feel like this is the look of FEAR. Did not stop him from giving the Giraffe the food.  Gentry_08_02_2014_5406We did struggle with letting go of the lettuce. Gentry_08_02_2014_5410Dazed and Confused. Gentry_08_02_2014_5417

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